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International Customers Might Face Late Shipments This Christmas Due To Postal & Delivery Service Delays

Customers worldwide are slamming their postal and shipment services for delaying deliveries just before Christmas. Due to spiking coronavirus cases worldwide and a high volume of parcels arriving every day, millions of packages are held at various ports and warehouses. Package forwarding companies have a lesser workforce because some of their employees are quarantined after testing positive for coronavirus. In contrast, the remaining employees are hesitant in making contact with people during a delivery. Additionally, high volumes of packages are arriving every day due to Christmas and New Year ahead, making it difficult for managers to uphold their commitments to customers.

The storage facilities are already stacked up with packages from every region in the USA, and postal as well as package forwarding companies are unable to accept any more parcels. Some facilities refuse to accept any new shipments because managers are facing issues with delivering the already in-queue packages. Meanwhile, customer’s products are sitting on trucks and waiting for available floor space. The result is that many customers will be unhappy with late orders and shipments this Christmas.

December 12 marks the start of the busiest period for package forwarding companies, and compared to last year, parcel volume has seen a spike of around 14% in 2020. This sudden surge and depleted workforce have resulted in employees’ work hours to increase up to 80 hours per week. Some of these employees have been working continuously since Thanksgiving day, without any weekends. The US postal service has received around 6 million packages per day since FedEx and UPS restrictions on large volume retail shippers in early December. Due to this rush, the postal service’s performance has dropped considerably, holding up more than 3.5 million packages for one or more days.

Facing the same issues worldwide, some major companies have taken drastic measures to limit incoming packages’ flow. The postal service is not refusing any incoming customer, but the parcels are still just sitting around and not reaching anywhere. According to an anonymous postal worker in Michigan, “No parcels are moving at all. As bad as you think it is, it’s worse.”

At Global Shopaholics, we are trying our best to keep the promises and commitments we made to our customers, making sure that all the pending packages sitting in trucks and ports move as soon as possible. We wouldn’t be happy if our customers don’t get their Christmas gifts and postcards on time. It’s not only the gifts but also many essentials, such as prescriptions, medications, benefit checks, bills, and vaccines, that are on hold due to this global condition. Our teams are making sure that everything gets through in time, and no family gets deprived of their packages.

For many years now, we have been providing shop and ship services to our customers worldwide. As a reputable package forwarding company in the USA, we need to uphold the trust through total transparency with our customers. But at a time like this, customers can easily be frustrated. We ask that you trust us to deliver your packages safely to your doorstep. Remember that our teams are working non-stop to make sure that every package gets through on time. But even if some don’t, they will surely reach in one or two extra days. Despite the staff shortage and capacity challenges, we are scaling our network to ensure that we can sort, process, and deliver every package as fast as possible.

Another reason behind this issue is the retail and e-commerce boost this year. According to retail analysts, 2020 is crammed with more than two years of e-commerce sales growth. As reported by the research firm eMarketer, compared to the last year, online shopping sales are expected to reach $795 billion, seeing a rise of 30% this year.

The conclusion remains the same, some of the customers will face an issue with delivery deadlines, but rest assured, every package will arrive at its destination as soon as possible. Global Shopaholics is doing everything in its power to meet the commitment of the fastest shop and ship from the USA.

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