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Direct Purchase

Shop from thousands of US Online Stores using your own payment method. Ship the order directly to your assigned Global Shopaholics US warehouse. As soon as we receive your orders, we will consolidate and ship them directly to your door.

Assisted Purchase

Search from thousands of US Online Stores. Tell us what you want and we will purchase and receive the products for you. As soon as your requested products arrive at our warehouse, we will consolidate andship them directly to your door.

Shopper Purchase

Shoppers all over the world are waiting to compete for your business. Post a Shopper Purchase Request in the country of your choice. Specify your budget, sit back, relax and watch the offers fly in. Review Shopper profiles and ratings. Accept an offer when you are ready!

GS Online Store

We've made it even easier for you. Not sure what you want or want to browse our current deals? The GS Online Store is full of quality hand picked merchandise from all over the world. All prices include shipping, processing and handling!



Lowest shipping rates, Most reliable service.

Our shipping rates are as low as:
Saudi Arabia $9.75 $22.00 $31.32
Czech Republic $10.25 $22.25 $32.36
Australia $19.90 $22.75 $29.69
Singapore $10.15 $22.25 $29.69
India $9.50 $22.25 $29.69
UAE $10.50 $22.25 $25.75
Egypt $11.15 $22.00 $31.32

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Two Free US Addresses, Including Tax Free Zone!

You get access to not one but Two US based Warehouses. One of them is located in a Tax Free Zone!

So why do we offer the other one? The answer is simple, not all online stores charge taxes! If during checkout your Online Store or Vendor does NOT charge tax, simply ship your order to our other Expedited Services Warehouse for even faster service!

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No Fees and Free Package Consolidation!

We will collect and combine your orders in one box to save you upto an additional 80% off shipping! No need for diamond or VIP plans, all of our Members are VIPs!

- Free 180 day Storage!
- NO Membership Fees!
- NO Monthly Fees!
- NO Setup Fees or Deposits Required

We do not even charge extra for special requests. Sign up today for FREE!

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Certified Shoppers worldwide

Our growing network of Certified Shoppers have unlocked access to products all over the world. You can shop online through them or have them physically shop for you. They have exclusive access to our negotiated shipping rates so you continue to save money on shipping.

Try our new Video Shopping feature to take your online shopping experience to the next level!

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Multiple payment methods accepted

We accept the following methods of payment:

- Transferwise: Best currency exchange rates.
- BitCoin
- PayPal
- All International Credit and Debit Cards
- Bank Wire Transfers

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Customer service

Our Customer Service is unmatched and we invest heavly to impove your experience. We are here to serve you.

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