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You need an American address to enjoy all perks of online shopping and international shipping from USA. Global Shopaholics is one of the best package forwarding companies in the US and provides USA's best mail forwarding services. Shop and ship like Americans do; avail of discounts from different online stores using the free US mail address.

Enjoy the perks of using a US mail forwarding service, enjoy the lowest shipping rates with Global Shopaholics. We provide a free US mail address you can use at checkout time. Your packages get delivered at our warehouse from where we ship them to your address. Your shipping costs cut down this way. Global Shopaholics is the answer to all your mail forwarding issues. Global Shopaholics offers free services like US mail address, photos of the package and its content, repacking, special requests for packing, etc.

Save money on package forwarding from USA with the free US mail address. We offer free US mail address, lowest shipping rates from the US, package consolidation, and provide other mail forwarding facilities. Register today to enjoy smooth mail forwarding from the US. Shop and ship your favorite US brands and online stores.

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