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How to shop on a budget:

For all social brackets and financial reaches, everything is too pricey and overcharged. Whenever you check a price tag on something, and its expensive, there comes a point where it starts being labelled ‘not worth it’. That is the point where the worth of product starts declining. Whenever you set your heart to a product, make sure it’s at your desired price. There are a few hacks to make sure nothing is too overpriced for you and that the internet, at least, doesn’t break your heart:

What is the formula?

There is no exact science to this. If something is worth more than your pocket and it’s of a renowned brand, it’s probably going to stay the same. There are a few ways around that, though. You can add to the list of suggestions by emailing us and we’ll feature that in our next blog.

Watch out for Sales:

Promotional sales are a necessity for every brand in the world. As far as the frequency of sales goes, they’re like the rain in the UK; you can expect them anytime. But there are a few staple times around the year like the Black Friday, Christmas, Easter, New Year’s, Fourth of July, Eid and Diwali, where sales are inevitable. You can Shop and Ship your favorite brand through Global Shopaholics, which just by the way, keeps you updated on promotions and sales, and you can get your favorite product at a bargain.

Look for it on eBay:

Whatever your product is, there’s a 90 percent chance someone is selling it at a better price than the store itself. Hidden superheroes across the United States are stocking up on your favorite products at early bird and stock discounts for you to get them at a better price. Avail that. Do a little research. Please. It’s very convenient. Plus there’s a better chance you can find a connection to get you your product whenever you want later in life. eBay can connect you to your favorite product and Global Shopaholics can ship it home to you. If you can top this suggestion, we’d love to know.

Get yourself an address:

So we understand that it’s a little difficult for you to get a US package forwarding address from abroad just so you can ship your favorite products. We’ve got you covered there too. Get your tax free US address from Global Shopaholics to save on your shipping.

Save on shipping:

The most you can save after the actual product is through shipping. There are hundreds of shipping services waiting in line to take your money. Pick yours wisely. We’ve got you covered there as well. Check out our price calculator in our tabs. You can calculate the exact money that your desired shipping service is going to cost you.

Save through Global Shopaholics:

The best suggestion is for the last. And we’ll tell you why we’ve made this bold statement. Global Shopaholics is one of the only US package forwarder

Which offers a well facilitated consolidation service, which saves you your extra dollars. Getting your items from multiple stores and getting them boxed up in one box saves you a ton of money. Plus Global Shopaholics charges the bare minimum while efficiently handling your products. There’s really nothing better than that, is there?

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