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Shipping from USA to UAE – important information

Live in the UAE and want to enjoy the liberty of shopping from top-notch brands of the US while conveniently sitting at your home? But new to online shopping and have no clue how it works? Worry not, because you are at just the right place for thorough guidance on how to ship your favorite products from the US to the UAE. The best way to go about it is choosing to be served by Global Shopaholics: worldwide parcel forwarding company that receives your products at its US-based warehouse, from where it ships them to your doorstep in the UAE.

Here is all you need to know about shipping from USA to UAE:

1. Duties & Taxes

Like every country, the UAE also has a certain value beyond which you have to pay duties and taxes for importing products. If your product(s) are worth more than a 1000 SAR, you are liable for paying duty. On the contrary, taxes apply to all imported products, regardless of their price. 5% VAT is also charged on every imported shipment based on its total value. Global Shopaholics does not include these tariffs in its shipping charges global shopaholics to uae and you may have to pay this amount to your local Customs Department upon the arrival of your shipment in the UAE.

2. Shipping Duration

The process of getting your favorite items shipped from the US to the UAE may sound very lengthy and draining but with Global Shopaholics, it can be made swifter than ever. After the arrival of your products at our warehouse, it only takes 3-15 business days for your shipment to be delivered to your doorstep, wherever you are located in the UAE us online stores shipping UAE. You can also opt for ‘Express Processing’ to prioritize the packaging of your products. So, you don’t have to wait for spring to turn into fall before you get your shopping haul!

3. Stores that do not ship to UAE

Many of your favorite US online stores may not deliver to UAE, which is where we come to your rescue. We provide you with a USA forwarding address of our warehouse, where you can get your products delivered and enjoy up to 180 days of storage and even have your products consolidated into a single package us online stores shipping UAE so that you have to pay for shipping only once. From our warehouse, we ship your products right to your doorstep in the UAE. Now you can enjoy shopping from US stores that would not deliver to your country!

4. Stores that require a US credit card

Some online US stores only accept payment from US credit cards and would decline your payment if you are using your UAE credit card. But that does not at all mean that you need to forget all about these amazing outlets which may have some of your favorite products on display. Because we offer the option of ‘Assisted Purchase’, where we pay online for you using our US credit card to make sure you get to enjoy shopping from wherever you please. So, shop your heart out because, with Global Shopaholics, ship to UAE there are no limitations!

5. Shipping Dangerous Goods

Some of your preferred things to shop for may fall under the category of dangerous goods, making it difficult for them to be shipped to the UAE from the USA. But that does not leave you with no way to get them, because Global Shopaholics is certified for shipping dangerous goods with DHL and Aramex. These goods include battery-operated gadgets like the latest phones, perfumes- a necessary luxury, and some of your favorite makeup products. So, sit back, relax, and get almost everything that you wish for shipped to your place!

Now that you have all the important information about shipping from USA to UAE, with Global Shopaholics offering solutions to every problem that you could encounter on the way, what are you waiting for? Make your way to our website now and watch all your shipping worries float away! Happy shopping and shipping to our shopaholics from the UAE!