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How To Improve Your Seller Ratings?

In the world of online shopping, the power of feedback is not to be taken lightly, because its importance in defining the success of your services is immense. Positive feedback can increase the number of incoming customers by folds whereas negative feedback can make you lose even your existing customers. This is why, we pay special attention to the feedback of our family of global shopaholics and strive to provide them with the smoothest online shopping and shipping experience. Because ratings can make or break your business, let us learn how to keep them positive.

Here are 5 tips on how to improve your Seller Ratings:

1. Facilities

It is only natural that the more you are able to facilitate your customers and make their online shopping experience smoother, the better your seller ratings will be. So, being able to provide as many solutions as possible for your customers’ problems can significantly help you improve your seller ratings. At Global Shopaholics, we provide the finest solution to one of the leading problems in the world of online shopping- address restrictions. You can now get your favorite products from top-notch online American stores, even if they do not deliver to your country. All you have to do is get them delivered to our US shipping address, from where we forward your package to your doorstep!

2. Customer Care

Having efficient customer care services is another factor that can significantly improve your seller ratings. Because customers need their queries to be responded to timely and accurately in order to enjoy a pleasant online shopping experience. At Global Shopaholics, our customer care services are available 24/7 to promptly and precisely respond to any questions regarding package forwarding relevant to your country that may be crucial for you to have answered in order to proceed with your shopping and shipping. We have polite and professional representatives who are always ready with solutions to all your problems so that you can just sit back and relax, while the process your requests.

3. Updates

Notifying your customers regularly regarding the status of their orders and requests can also prove to be beneficial for your seller ratings. Customers prefer staying in the loop rather than being kept in the dark about the updates on their orders. So, it is important to instantly inform them of necessary updates as soon as they take place. Global Shopaholics updates you at every step of the way, and notifies you when we receive your products at our USA package forwarding address, when your package is ready to be shipped, and when it has been forwarded to you. We even offer the facility of tracking your package so you know its exact location and estimated time of arrival when it is on its way to you.

4. Social Media

In the tech-led world of today, online shopping services and their social media presences go hand in hand. Social media takes the lead in attracting potential customers to avail the services that you have to offer, thereby leading to high seller ratings, eventually. Global Shopaholics is actively present on all social media platforms to keep you updated on all that is going on in the world of online shopping. You can catch updates about all ongoing sales and discounted deals, regularly posted on our Facebook Page. We also frequently post about why you should opt for our services, which is sure to encourage you to become a part of our global family and enjoy a smooth online shopping and shipping experience!

5. Feedback

Since this article is all about the importance of feedback, it goes without saying that taking your customers’ feedback seriously and acting upon it is crucial for higher seller ratings. Not all feedbacks are going to be positive, so when you get a negative one, make sure to find out what went wrong and fix that problem to avoid its recurrence. Also, assure your customer that their feedback has been duly noted and that they would not face the same issue in future, in order to keep them using your services. At Global Shopaholics, we highly value our customers’ feedbacks and use them to continually improve our services. Our global family’s satisfaction is our prime goal which we strive to achieve.

Now that you know all the hard work that Global Shopaholics does to keep improving its seller ratings, what are you waiting for? Rush to our website now and join our global family to enjoy the best worldwide parcel forwarding services. Happy shopping and shipping!

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