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Understanding And Avoiding Shipping Surcharges

The oldest business in the world: Scamming

Scamming has been a part and parcel of business ever since mankind understood the methods of trade. One scam or another, businesses all over the world have been found to be defrauding their customers. In retrospect, every business in history has been trying to scam its way to the top; be it retail, stock or shipping. Since the world has gone online and stopped shopping in real time, let’s just focus on shipping.

The oldest Scam in the world: shipping!

Well before there were malls and brands to steal your money, traders from voyage eras would bring in faulty goods and conceal them inside the functional ones. With the difference of thousands of years, this is probably still relatable to internet shoppers. Shop and ship and get scammed. It’s as easy as that these days.

Surcharges: What are they?

But there aren’t only faulty or counterfeit items that make for a shipping scam. There are also surcharges. Surcharges are any charges that the shipping company or the third party may include in their invoice under various names. Here’s how you can save yourself from being scammed and not go blindly into it. Surcharges are not always obvious; they’re mostly concealed and you need to be careful. Here’s how:

A few types of Surcharge scams:

So the most common heading to the concealment is ‘service’ charges. Isn’t the basic fee a service charge in itself? Why would you pay for a service twice? Sounds absurd, doesn’t it? Most internet shoppers don’t even recognize it in black and white. You need to change that, starting now. A second important surcharge to avoid is the fuel surcharge. You’ve paid for shipping. If the international oil market decides to act up, that’s not on you. If the shipping company decides to cut back on its oil expenses by putting them on you, that’s also not your headache. Be very clear on that. There are also some situations where shipment carriers start charging regular shippers under weekly shipment surcharge. Unless you have a prior agreement with the company, never agree to pay that. Also an important surcharge to avoid, is the oversize delivery surcharge. You’ve already settled this; the weight, dimensions and the inconvenient shipping. No need to go through that again.

The hack:

There is a hack to avoiding massive shipping charges. You can order consolidation for products shipped through multiple sources. You can have them boxed up in one box and shipped to you as one order. That can save you a lot of cash and you don’t have to worry about your products arriving at multiple timings.

Global Shopaholics will never rip its clients off:

At Global Shopaholics, there are no undeclared, hidden or amended surcharges. We deliver what we promise, we charge what we agree to. It’s as clear as day and our tens of thousands of clients stand proof of that. Ship from the US to KSA Ship from the USA to Qatar ship from the USA to UAE ; you’ll never find us wavering from our commitment.

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