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We Have Opened a Sales-Tax-Free Warehouse

Shopping from the States is a dream that every shopaholic wants to live because of the high quality of products that top-notch brands in the USA have to offer at reasonable rates. Be it apparel, accessories, cosmetics, or electronic appliances, America takes the lead in the market of all top-selling products that shopaholics from all over the world love to get their hands on. However, some of the most loved US stores only deliver within the States, leaving shopaholics from different parts of the world only admiring them from afar and eager to figure a way out to bag their favorites from these stores. Well, if you consider yourself one from this “unfortunate” lot of shopaholics, stop right now because Global Shopaholics has come to your rescue to turn this fate around forever and enable you to conveniently shop from all your favorite US stores that do not deliver to your country. Yes, you read it right! We have opened a sales-tax-free warehouse which is your golden ticket to embark on your online shopping spree from the USA and get your shopping haul delivered to your doorstep, anywhere around the world.

Here is how you can utilize our sales-tax-free warehouse facility:

1. Address Restrictions

If an online US store that you want to shop from does not offer delivery services to your country, you can simply use the tax free US address of our warehouse at checkout to get your products delivered here. We receive your goods on your behalf and then forward them to your country via the shipping service of your choice from some of the leading courier options like Aramex, DHL, FedEx, USPS, UPS, etc. So, feel free to transfer all your favorites that you have been hoarding in your wish list, to your shopping cart because Global Shopaholics is at your service to deliver them to your doorstep with its worldwide parcel forwarding services!

2. Storage

When it comes to shopping from the vast variety of all kinds of fine products available at US stores, we have seen how it is almost impossible for shopaholics to be satiated with only one purchase. So, we offer up to 180 days of free and safe storage at our spacious warehouse for your products to enable you to continue shopping while your goods are safely stored with us. Once you are done, you can get all your products shipped to your country together, instead of paying for shipping each purchase separately. This will not only help you save on shipping costs, but also make your online shopping and shipping experience a lot smoother!

3. Consolidation

When you are shipping your entire shopping haul from the US to your country at once, it can cost a lot, based on the number of packages in your consignment. To help you cut down on this hefty cost significantly, we offer to consolidate all your products into a single package securely at our warehouse. Besides, America’s high-end stores tend to pack their products in big, fancy boxes that cost a lot to be shipped. So, we also offer to repackage your products into smaller boxes to help you save on shipping charges based on the weight and dimensions of your consignment. You can always opt for the packaging facilities available at our warehouse for your convenience!

With so many ways to benefit from our USA address & Package Forwarding services, what are you waiting for? Rush to your favorite online US stores now and bag all those products that have been waiting in your wish list! Make sure to seal the deal with Global Shopaholics to get your shopping haul at your doorstep safely, timely, and affordably. Happy shopping and shipping!

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