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The gleaming gold sand dunes, one-humped camels gliding across the golden sandy desserts, home to one of the world’s largest oil reserves, rich Arabic culture, the haven to royals, a booming economy, with the world’s most developed and advance cities of the world, None other than the great kingdom of Saudi Arabia! Along with being a modern as well as a modest country KSA is also home to some eminent shoppers that are known for their style sense.

The global outreach has allowed Saudi shoppers to satisfy their shopping cravings with some extravagant hauls from the top brands across the globe. A survey shows that 77% of the Saudi people now prefer shopping online, and the retail trends show that most purchases are of the products originating from US brands. The observed trends are a definitive stance of kingdom Arabia’s trust in the American merchandise.

Now the biggest concern that Saudi shoppers have are the consistent and seamless deliveries while doing online shopping shipping from US to Saudia Arabia. Most US cyber-stores do not directly deliver to Saudi Arabia or the payment method is foreign to the online Saudi shoppers which restricts them from placing orders while shopping online from US. So how they can buy the high grade products from the US brands? Here’s the complete guide!

 How to easily shop from USA and ship to Saudia?

 Despite being spendthrift, Saudi shoppers still know where and how to spend. Being the top buyers in the virtual US market the thing that almost every other Saudi might be wondering is “ what is the cheapest way to ship from USA to Saudia and the most reliable one too?” The solution is a few clicks away!

 Globalshopaholics has your back, you just need to shop as much as you want and GS will ship it to your doorstep while you peacefully live your shopaholic dream. Globalshopaholics provides you an access to thousands of US stores, so you can buy whatever you want without hesitation. GS through it’s exceptional services will assist you at every step while you fill your virtual cart and will swiftly forward all your packages from USA to Saudia Arabia.

 Best shipping service from US to Saudia

Without any doubt, Globalshopaholics! No not self obsessing, just stating the facts based on the views that the long term Saudi shippers have give on various platforms. GS always does whats best for its shippers and hereby stays ahead of its competitors

Global Shopaholics is ranked as one of the top drop shipping companies on the internet. Buy anything to everything from US stores and ship them to your doorstep. You’ll find a number of other drop shippers while surveying the web, but the question here arises, are they worth it?

The proof of the pudding is in eating it 

ServiceGlobal ShopaholicsPlanet express
membership priceno membership feeNo fee for free membersUpto $50 for premium members
consolidation$5 usual processing fee$1 for each consolidated packageNot available for free members$5 usual processing fee$2 for each consolidated package
free storage180 daysOnly 10 days storage for free membersOnly 45 days storage for premium members
additional storageNot required due to free storage for 180 days$.01 per lbs per dayWhich ultimately may cost you alot$.01 per lbs per dayWhich ultimately may cost you alot
manually photo requestNo charges for general package content photos Only charges for detailed photos$3 for six photos$2 for 3 general package content photos $5 for 10 detail photos$2 for 3 general package content photos $5 for 10 detail photos
repack requestFREE$5 flat fee per package$5 flat fee per package
Tax-free warehouseAvailable for allNot availableAvailable only for premium members
Assisted purchase5% of total cost of the purchase7% of total cost of the purchase7% of total cost of the purchase

How to send package to Saudia from USA using Globalshopaholics? Its easy! All you need to do is

 1. After you’re done signing up you get your very own US address which you can use for multiple deliveries from various stores throughout USA

2. Place your order from your favorite US stores on the US address provided by Globalshopaholics

3. We’ll eagerly wait for your packages to arrive and ship them to Saudia Arabia from USA!

 Shipping to KSA from USA cost

Global Shopaholics assures you that it’s the cheapest way to ship from USA to Saudia as we keep passion over price. Its passion is to bring you the souvenirs of joy in the least possible price and time.

The pricing of shipping to KSA from USA also depends on the company you choose and what different do they have on board to offer. The final shipping price from USA to Saudia Arabia depends on the weight, dimensions and other services you avail for your package.

 Shipping time from US to Saudia

 Faster than you think!

GS is an ultimate solution for efficient, time saving and cheap shipping from USA to Saudia. Usual package transit time from USA to Saudia takes

Standard shipping: 3-5 working days, GS always urges on standard and qualityover everything else, we moreover pledge over a cost-effective deliverance

Economy shipping: 4-8 working days. Somethings are worth, waiting for! Passing over urgent delivery, has saved our customers 50% plus expenses over shipping for shopping later


It might have took you forever while buying from USA to Saudia Arabia scrolling the internet trying to get as much knowledge as possible about what items are subjected to taxes and custom duties while importing goods to KSA. Why not partner up with GS for stress free services from USA to Saudia Arabia, as GS is here to assist you in summing up bills and taxes

 Goods and service taxes

The standard VAT rate for Saudi Arabia is 15%, with a nil VAT rate for some goods. VAT is subjected to the entire value of your shipment. Moreover VAT/GST goes directly to the Saudi government not to the company

 Custom duties

Custom duty ranges from 0.5% to 15% depending upon the type of product. De minimis is the value below which taxes and duties do not apply

De minimis Value for Duty: 266 USD

De minimis Value for Tax: 266 USD

Globalshopaholics’ fortune for it’s global shoppers

Free warehouse storage and consolidated packages – To save shipping costs upto 80%, GS offers you an option of forwarding all of your parcels in a single compact package. For this purpose, in case your parcels are from different stores and arrive at different times, you still have the storage option of keeping your parcels at GS’s warehouse for 180 days for free!

Repacking, item testing and product pictures- GS cares for you, hereby if the package you want to forward to KSA from USA is a gift and hence want to get it repacked Globalshopaholics will do that for you! Moreover if you order any electronic equipment or other tech stuff from any US store and want to get it tested for it’s working before getting it shipped, GS will do that for you so you don’t have to pay for something that is faulty. Globalshopaholics furthermore also sends you detailed pictures of your purchases on request.

Assisted purchase- If a US store does not allow foreign residents to place an order on their website, you don’t have to give up on something you’ve been longing to buy! That’s because GS will buy it for you on an assisted purchase request and get it shipped to you right away. Moreover some US stores do not accept international payment methods and hereby it becomes difficult for international buyers to complete their purchase, this problem also gets catered in the assisted purchase option!

US stores that have the highest Saudi clientele

Saudis are the absolute adorers of biggest sales that the US stores offer for public holidays, seasonal sales and any other discount offers. Saudis are known for their standards, style and class. Hereby, we bring almost all the pinnacle US brands that top the list of Arabic shoppers, right to your doorstep to shop from USA and ship to Saudia.


Ralph Lauren



Forever 21

Carter’s Kids



Under Armour


Neiman Marcus


Conde Nast


Bath & Body Works

Toys ‘R Us

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