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Amazon Shipping to Colombia

The demand for international shipping solutions has witnessed unprecedented growth in an era marked by global connectivity and digital commerce. One of the major players in this landscape is Amazon, a giant in the e-commerce industry that has transformed the way people shop worldwide.

This paradigm shift has reached countries such as Colombia, where consumers are progressively exploring international markets, including Amazon shipping to Colombia, to access a diverse spectrum of products from around the world.

Global Shopaholics stands out as a trusted package forwarding company that specializes in shipping various packages from the USA to destinations worldwide. What sets Global Shopaholics apart is not just its commitment to reliability, but also its competitive pricing and remarkable delivery speed, outperforming industry standards.

Guide for Amazon Shipping to Colombia

Does Amazon ship to Colombia?

Unfortunately, Amazon offers very limited international shipping options, and currently, direct shipping to Columbia is not supported. The associated costs are quite high, almost 35,000 COP. Moreover, additional charges may apply if the parcel exceeds a certain limit.

Given these constrained shipping options, utilizing Amazon for shipping to Columbia is generally not recommended. But there are several third-party package forwarding companies by which you can easily ship Amazon USA products to your home anywhere in the world.

Discover endless possibilities with Global Shopaholics—your ultimate solution for effortless shipping from the USA to anywhere worldwide. Whether sending or buying, our comprehensive services guarantee affordability, fast delivery, and seamless consolidation.

Choose Global Shopaholics to effortlessly connect the USA to the world—shipping with confidence, and shopping without limits.

Services and Features for Colombian Customers

Although Amazon Colombia does not have a localized platform, it provides international shipping options to the country. Colombian customers can explore and purchase a diverse range of products from Amazon’s U.S. website and have them shipped to Colombia. However, it’s crucial to note that these international shipments may come with certain restrictions, shipping fees, and longer delivery times compared to domestic orders.

As Amazon may not directly deliver to Colombia, Global Shopaholics steps in to fill this gap, offering reliable package forwarding and consolidation services. By leveraging the services of Global Shopaholics, Colombian customers can overcome Amazon’s geographical limitations and gain access to a broader range of products from the U.S.

How to buy from Amazon and ship to Columbia

Navigating the absence of Amazon’s international shipping for Colombian buyers can be disheartening. However, worry not, as Global Shopaholics steps in to bridge the gap. Ship your Amazon purchases effortlessly to anywhere in Colombia!

Simply select your desired items on Amazon, add them to your cart, and let Global Shopaholics handle the seamless shipping process. With a straightforward package forwarding procedure, following a few easy steps ensures your items reach you without hassle!

Register with Globalshopaholics

Join the Global Shopaholics family with our complimentary registration! Upon sign-up, you receive your exclusive free US address where all your Amazon packages will be received and subsequently forwarded by our team.

As a Global Shopaholics member, enjoy free access to a comprehensive dashboard providing essential shipping details and timely notifications, ensuring a seamless experience.

Free US address for the Amazon deliveries

Secure your complimentary US address for Amazon deliveries and indulge in the shopping spree you’ve planned. While Amazon extends its generosity through sales and offers, Global Shopaholics goes the extra mile by providing cost-effective shipping rates and additional perks for your shopping cart.

Enter the GS-provided US address during the Amazon checkout process, and our dedicated package handlers at the warehouse will expertly receive and process your packages for shipping.

Consolidated packaging

While Amazon may charge extra for shipping multiple items together, Global Shopaholics offers a brilliant solution. Save up to 80% on shipping costs by consolidating all your purchased items into a single package. Seize this opportunity to shop to your heart’s content and relish the affordability of consolidated shipping.

The Safe Shipment Of Dangerous Goods

Some countries restrict the shipment of dangerous goods such as cosmetics, perfumes, and lithium batteries as they contain inflammable ingredients. Globalshopaholics is a certified shipper for dangerous goods, hereby no special permissions are required when you’re shipping with Globalshopaholics.

As mentioned above, Columbians are big fans of personal care products and hereby greatly purchase them online; Globalshopaholics gives their Columbian customers a great chance to ship all that they want!

Calculate Shipping

Easily determine your shipping expenses with Global Shopaholics by utilizing our shipping calculator. The shipping rates are contingent on both the dimensions and weight of your package, along with the destination area. Additionally, the rates vary based on your chosen shipping company.

When sending packages to Colombia, you have the flexibility to select a shipping company that aligns with your trust and budget, allowing you to tailor the shipping deal to your preferences.


Navigating international shipping customs processes can be challenging for many individuals. Opting for Global Shopaholics, however, eliminates the need for concern over custom clearances, as GS takes care of it on your behalf. Additionally, in the event of any package delays or issues at customs, GS promptly notifies you, ensuring the security of your valuable shipments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Amazon deliver to Colombia?

Yes, Amazon does deliver to Colombia. However, the availability of products and shipping options may vary.

Does Amazon deliver to Colombia, South America?

Yes, Amazon delivers to Colombia, which is located in South America. Keep in mind that shipping options and product availability may vary by region.

Is Amazon available in Colombia?

Yes, Amazon is available in Colombia. Customers in Colombia can order from Amazon and have items shipped to their location, although the availability of certain products and shipping options might vary.

Does Amazon operate in Colombia?

Yes, Amazon operates in Colombia. While Amazon does not have a dedicated Colombian website, customers in Colombia can make purchases through international Amazon websites, such as, and have items shipped to Colombia.

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