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7 Websites you need to shop from this Eid!

With Ramadan in full swing around the world, the scent of Eid festivities is upon us! The celebrations of the end of the Holy month are joyous while they last, but the anticipation is more important! The decisions to make; what sort of food will be cooked? What sweets need to be served? Which drinks need to be stirred up? And the most important question, for men, women and children alike: What to wear?

Eid Celebrations bring with them a global frenzy of clothes shopping. With the changing trends around the world, the variety of clothes to be explored is expanding and the question arises: where to get the most options from?

The answer is easy: The Internet. The internet is the only place with every article in the world, with most of the world’s options available on online US stores. Here is a list of the top websites to surf from, to find the perfect Eid outfit this holiday:

1 – Amazon

The largest online store in the world has 76 private labels to choose from, with an exclusive line of its own. Starting from a bizarrely huge number of categories in clothes, Amazon will bring you the variety you crave.

2 –

eBay is another buyer-meets-seller heaven. Surf from one of the largest inventories in the world to find your perfect fit!

3 – Craigslist

Craigslist has been a household name for the past 24 years since it was founded in 1995. Starting from your favorite outfit match to the perfect cutlery to serve your guests Eid desserts, Craigslist is your go-to shopping center!

4 – Macy’s

Gripping the global retail market since the 1800s, Macy’s went online in the early 2000’s with one of the largest consolidations in retail clothing. Whether if you need to go trendy or vintage, the store will be there to fulfill your needs and cravings!

5 – Walmart

Who in the world hasn’t heard of or shopped from Walmart? With hundreds of stores around the world, Walmart offers an insane inventory to choose from! And with the online shopping options for your comfort, you don’t even need to visit!

6 – Etsy

Etsy runs a little differently. With a prime focus on crafts, Etsy offers you the trendiest of bags and accessories to stylize your Eid outfit!

7 – Target

The eighth-largest retailer in the United States, Target is famous for its holiday offers. The gamechanger deals offered in all holiday seasons are a must for people looking to get a discount on authentic apparel!

The glitch:

There’s a slight problem. These websites, amazing as they are in their quality of products, do not ship outside of US on their own.

The Answer:

Global Shopaholics will save your Eid. With their consolidation services to pack all your different p