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Buy on Amazon and ship to Saudi Arabia

The trend of shopping online has flourished quite reasonably over time, it has gained a lot of popularity over time and hereby people also prefer buying things online rather than taking a walk-in shopping tour. Not only has this practice become very common, but it has also transformed the buying patterns of the consumers. Who doesn’t want to enjoy the luxury of buying anything from the comfort of your home? The pandemic has further made us all lazy to step out of ease, we’d rather prefer staying in PJs and enjoy a cup of coffee while things get delivered to our doorstep no matter where we are in the world.

While looking into the online retail market there are thousands of options to buy from but a few of the tycoons have made a mark. The online market front has countless stores and an overload of products to choose from. Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and many others. Considering the products available online, you’re not always sure of their make and quality hereby often suffer buying from random stores available online. Stores such as Amazon, however, due to their clear dealing and consistent quality checks have made it easier for the user to purchase high-standard products. Amazon moreover has also won the trust of its customer as it offers a wide range of sellers to choose from.

The local customers have an advantage over the international ones, as they have higher accessibility to Amazon retailers than do the foreign buyers. Take an example of a Saudi client who wants to make a purchase from Amazon but would have to think repeatedly before placing an actual order, that's because Amazon either does not ship to Saudia at all or only offers limited shipping. This fact has the Saudi buyers wondering ‘how to buy from Amazon while being in Saudia Arabia?’ This might at first seem pretty tricky but Globalshopaholics comes to the rescue for its Saudi customers. You can buy anything and everything from Amazon US and ship to Saudi Arabia with Globalshopaholics!

Amazon sure is keeping up with its repute and offers the widest range of products at economical prices, they moreover also have amazing discounts and deals valid year-round which makes them an extra favorite! Globalshopaholics is truly aware of the urge of its Saudi customers to enjoy the summer shopping spree hereby brings them extra cheap shipping from the US to Saudi Arabia. 

Amazon's best sellers in Saudi Arabia

Home decor and related products

Saudis have beautifully built mansions and are always up for decorating them in the most unique and tasteful manner. Hereby, their top picks from the Amazon often include consoles, furniture, pottery, rugs, and other embellishing items. 


The purchase trends have shown that Saudi Arabs are pretty much interesting in buying kitchenware from Amazon. The cooking pots, utensils, cutlery, and other kitchen items available on the Amazon storefront are among their top picks. Furthermore, stovetops and kitchen appliances have also won the hearts of Arabs, hereby are greatly purchased by them from Amazon online store.

Home appliances and technological devices

Saudis are a big fan of technology, they are truly tech-savvy people. They love updating themselves with modern technology and hence do not stay back in buying the best machines and techno devices from US storefronts such as Amazon. Routers, projectors, speakers, cameras, Wide screens, and what not! All have been seen in the most bought list of Saudis. 

Buy on Amazon and ship to Saudi Arabia

Being a Saudi resident you might not have direct access to a lot of Amazon sellers as well as the international shipping. So what you can do is, quickly turn to Globalshopaholics and ship Amazon products to Saudia!

1. Get your US address right away!

Upon registering with Globalshopaholics, it provides you with a free US address on which you can get all your amazon stuff delivered. Our staff at the warehouse will receive your parcels and carefully forward them for being shipped to you in Saudi Arabia. The best part about signing up with GS is that it's totally free

2. Calculate the shipping rates free of cost

If you’re not a member you can still use the shipping calculator for a general estimate of the shipping rate. Once you’re a Globalshopaholics member you have access to realtime shipping calculator tool and your very own dashboard to keep track of your shipments. 

3. Choose the courier service which suits you

Globalshopaholics has world-renowned courier collaborators on board. You have the liberty to choose the courier company which suits your pocket the most. Each of them has different shipping rates and delivery times, hereby you can select the shipping deal which falls within your budget as well as will deliver the package in the required time. 

4. Assisted purchase

If due to any reason you’re unable to properly access the Amazon website or any of the sellers, or the payment methods are unknown to you, you can always ask Globalshopaholics to make a purchase on your behalf through assisted purchase option, and it’ll be shipped to you without any fuss! Globalshopaholics on receiving your desired purchase will also send you some HD photographs so you can be sure of what you have bought. 

So Saudi shoppers, we know shopping is your therapy hereby you can now buy from Amazon and ship to Saudia without any delay!