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How does eBay International Shipping Work?

If you want to get your stuff delivered anywhere in the world, eBay is the option to choose from. They help with everything that they can and make sure to always protect your product in the best possible way. No product gets damaged or lost because they understand the trust every seller puts on them to deliver the package to the rightful buyers in a given time frame. Choose eBay because they do a wonderful job in ensuring everyone is satisfied with their service. At every level, they are dedicated to performing the best for their customers and due to their exemplary service, they have expanded the deliveries to 210 countries. That is a big expansion but it only increases their responsibility which they have took on wholeheartedly. If you have not tried already, definitely do so because eBay’s international shipping is extremely worth it.

For all sellers who have eBay labels, they can choose from two possible options when thinking about shipping internationally and although there is a lot of information which may get lost during the website search, this blog can help you by ensuring that you, a seller, are aware of all the important things which you need to know to make the best possible decision. It is not easy to choose the best amongst them all but shipping is a complicated process, it needs to ensured that it is done well and as efficiently as possible. The two option on eBay for international shipping are:

·         eBay international standard delivery

·         Global Shipping Program

Although there are two options to choose from, both of them promise a great international shipping service because eBay does not let the buyer suffer in any way. Both of these option guarantee convenience to the buyer and do not let them get anxious about the delivery. The perfect delivery man there is because it manages to stay organised and aware of all potential problems which may arise. Shipping internationally has many steps and all these steps are not only costly but they are very tedious as well. If you are a buyer and want to save yourself from the trouble of managing it all on your own, register on eBay and trust its label. They do not disappoint and they have 142 Million buyers to show for it. With 1.6 billion listing, they have quite the reputation in the shipping industry. There is no way your product will suffer but on the contrary, eBay will only help your business as a seller to expand and rise above your own expectations because it has to potential to reach millions of buyers for you.

There are obviously some differences between the two international shipping options of eBay but both are extremely economical. There is will be no extensive strain on you sellers if you do choose one of these options to ship your products internationally. There is not much difference but enough to help you distinguish between the two and make the perfect decision for your business.

1.      eBay international standard delivery

eBay knows just how to take care of its customers and it does just the right thing when it comes to taking care of the seller’s needs. If you are a seller and are also on eBay with an account, this option I is a wonderful opportunity for you to not just expand your business to up to 210 countries but also save 9% of the shipping cost. There is just a lot you can do with that 9% like invest it somewhere with good returns and earn a little extra for some more fun. eBay international standard delivery allows for its customers to fully appreciate their new range of buyers and offers them specialized customer service meaning that if there is any problem or feedback you wish to communicate; eBay ensures it reaches them. It is a platform for business that thrives on customer feedback and satisfaction.

They believe that a healthy line of communication can do wonders which is why you will always feel heard being a part of eBay. With international shipping, tracking visibility is always a problem but if you are a seller with this shipping service, that is also resolved for you. You can track when the order the picked up and when it is finally delivered to your buyer. It guarantees for accountability and put the seller’s mind at ease. Since there are over 210 countries you can deliver your products to, there are different charges for different one of them. The shipping rates are according to the weight of your product but they promise an economical shipping and are relatively affordable for a shipping service platform.

You can set up this international standard delivery system for your listings through seller hub or my eBay. First let’s see how to navigate through seller hub. With this tool, you first have to create a listing or update your existing product list in accordance to the international standard delivery option. Once you are done with the list, you navigate through the domestic shipping options according to your preferences and then move towards the international shipping option where you select ship worldwide and then click on the international standard delivery option. It is just this simple. There are clear choices to choose from and no extra pages or forms to fill. In the end, you just have to specify your product weight and dimension where approximating the value is an important tip. Lastly, always remember to verify. Choose the country you are shipping from so that your buyers can see the real shipping price and place an order accordingly. There will be clear mention of the estimated delivery date and the name of the destination country as well. Follow these steps for a smooth and clear selection process and leave the rest to eBay because as we have already established, it truly has an amazing team to work through the channels and ensure an excellent shipping service. The second tool ‘my eBay’ works in the same way as well. There is not much difference in how you go about them but you can definitely choose between the two and see which is easier to navigate.

2.      Global Shipping Program

This is another shipping service introduced by eBay for all US sellers who want to achieve a more exclusive clientele and want to improve their sales revenue in the process. This program is only for US sellers who are registered at eBay and have a seller rating which is above the standard seller rating. This is done so that a more concentrated community of sellers can come together and work towards their business growth at a much faster pace. There are over 104 countries the seller has the option to deliver their products too and the best thing about this program is that the small costs in between are paid in the beginning of the shipping process so that the seller does not have anything to worry about and has all the financials sorted out in the beginning itself. An example of this is how the buyers are expected to pre pay the custom duties and tax payment so that there is no miscommunication between the two stakeholders and each of them can then take their respective responsibility towards the delivery without any excessive worry about economic factors. Global Shipping Program definitely a marvel of a shipping program because it stays true to its promise. Sellers have seen a 15 % increment in their sales after joining this program and with all other costs such as import fees handled by eBay itself, the seller is put into a very prestigious position and is just expected to maintain or increase their seller rating. This program not only just offers a huge amount of protection but also promises great results through comprehensive feedback from the buyers. It is indeed a very good program to invest in if you are a US seller on eBay and are a visionary looking for business expansion and growth.

However, to be eligible for you to register, all products being shipped need to be legal in the country which they are expected to import into. It of great significance that all laws are respected because international shipping can prove to be extremely difficult otherwise.

Moving on, to register your seller account for the Global Shipping Program, you need to follow a few steps and make sure to do them in the right way because after all, it is definitely a huge opportunity to ship through it. Not just cost effective but also very efficient in terms of attracting new buyers from over 104 countries like mentioned above. The first step of registration is navigating the option of account settings on any eBay page. It should be on the top left corner and after clicking on it, you will be directed to settings where on the right side there were will be an option of site preferences which needs to be selected. From there you have to click on the option called shipping preferences and it will show you an option for Global Shipping Program. If you see a ‘NO’ beside it, you click on the edit option and you will be directed to another page. You will then be able to select the option of Start now and see a disclaimer which would ask you to press on continue after choosing if you want the Global Shipping program to apply to just the new listings or to all the active listings you have as a seller on eBay.

It is just as easy as it looks and if you are eligible to apply for this shipping service as a US seller, there will be growth for you in an upwards and onwards fashion only. Make your business a success and avail this wonderful program because it has too many benefits to let it slide.


International shipping is a tough process and with the market moving as fast as anything, it is always better to have the support of a shipping platform such as eBay which can guide you through the process and also help you as a seller to come into contact with millions of buyers and make the right decision when shipping products to them. There is an exposure of the whole world which comes to eBay and every seller gets an opportunity to connect and sell their product to buyers worldwide.

It is always costly if something goes wrong with international shipping and what makes it worse is most the times, there is no outlook where the products can be tracked. eBay offers just that through its programs and does a marvelous job in promising great financial returns to all its sellers. If you are yet to explore eBay, now is the best time because they are available to answer all your questions and cater to your needs in the best possible way. They make sure to help you make your space in the market as a seller and they do so through both their domestic and international shipping services. From detailed benefits to extra ordinary discounts, eBay is on top of its game in pursing more and more people to try their luck in the international market. There are billions of listings at eBay and each one of them is maintained in the perfect way to ensure as much attraction from buyers as possible.

Without any extra costs and charges, eBay makes sure to give its clients the best experience while shipping and tries to make it as easy for them as possible. From end to end tracking to custom forms, eBay is dedicated to giving in their 100% for their customers.

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