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Free consolidation


Why is package consolidation such a big deal? Wouldn’t it make sense to send each package from each store directly to your home address? We are going to explain it to you more in detail.

Free consolidation is the big secret on how to achieve huge savings on shipping. You can save over 50% to 90% on shipping costs.

Why? Each package contains a lot of packaging material and space that is being packed by the retailer.

Also, the shipping cost for smaller packages is higher per kilo/pound compared to bigger packages.

Global Shopaholics to the rescue!

Global Shopaholics will let you use our warehouse to collect packages from different retailers. In the Free Mail Box plan, you get 180 days of free storage! With 180 days of free storage, you will have plenty of time to collect packages from different online stores. Then simply place the free consolidation request and we take care of the rest!

This means, instead of paying $100 for shipping of every package separately ($500 in total), you will pay approx. $140 for shipping of the consolidated package. It pays off, doesn’t it?

And then our shipping discounts kick in. Because we ship a huge volume of packages, we receive big discounts from the carriers. And we pass these discounts on to you. So, after you saved money on free consolidation you save again on shipping.

Free Consolidation ServiceRemoving unnecessary packaging and bulky boxes, our package handlers tightly pack the package and reduce the empty space to a minimum so you don’t pay the postage cost for empty space in the package.

We check the content of packages to make sure you get what you order and it’s not broken or damaged.

We provide you with photos of the consolidated package.

You can also request additional special requests such as Additional Bubble Wrap and Additional Security Tape.

How Does free Consolidation Work?

Placing the consolidation request is very simple and spontaneous in our system.

1. Log into your account.

2. Choose the packages which you want to consolidate.

3. you get an email notification, Once the free consolidation is done.

 There is approximately a saving of over 50% if your package is being consolidated by Global Shopaholics!

Suitable Packaging

For orders where free consolidation seems like an economical option, make sure you have suitable packaging. You might need a heavier box to transport a heavier parcel safely.

if you order some small stuff with a large parcel, you can often create a consolidated package using the box the larger product box.

That box should already be sturdy enough to handle the weight of the package. Our parcel handlers carefully open your package, add the other items for the order, then reseal the box securely and carefully,

Weight and Consolidate!

Oversized items are sometimes subject to dimensional weight, or DIM weight, charges. DIM weight calculates a “weight” based on the dimensions of the package.

To calculate DIM weight, carriers multiply package height times length times width and then divide by a DIM factor.

If the resultant dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight of the box, you will be charged for the DIM weight. For these products, free consolidation can be a great choice.

Check how much your parcel will cost you!

In case of any query or confusion, you can always visit our website and read our FAQ page or even feel free to contact us!