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Australia Resume Shipping From USA

While the pandemic had us all and our lives put up to a halt, it has also greatly effected the world economy, transportation, trade and even shipping! The shipping from USA to Australia got suspended keeping in view the Covid-19 impacts. The US package forwarding service providers restricted their freight forwarding services to Australia, due to limited transport services and minimized flight operation back in September 2021. Since then the people have been longing for the shipping to resume, these time. They have been unable to receive packages from their loved ones back in US. Moreover the retail industry has also greatly suffered during Covid-19 outbreak.

The pandemic has been hard for all but specially for the Australians as the freight forwarding fleet had been fully shut down for so many months, well the good news is here Aussies! Australia has finally allowed international shipping to enter it’s protection bubble.It’s high time that you start fueling your inner shopaholic by purchasing your favorite items and avail cheapest US to Australia shipping! or simply include the best US merchandise in the gifts you want to get shipped to your local Aussie friends. If you had been waiting for special parcels to arrive from the US stores, the wait is finally over.All your international shopping parcels which soon be at your door front with Globalshopaholics.

How to buy from US and ship to Australia?

Gone are the days when you had to worry whether or not your ever-admired US stores directly deliver to Australia or why is the USA to Australia shipping so expensive in the times of Covid-19? Buying from US and shipping to Australia is not a hassle anymore! Shopping from US and shipping to Australia is pretty simple when its with Globalshopaholics. Through its wide range of package forwarders Globalshopaholics has continued full fledged US to Australia shipping in the lowest rates you can ever think of. Calculate US to Australia shipping now and see for yourself! So its time you treat yourself with an exceptional shopping haul directly from the US stores.

The process is pretty simple, all you need to do is

You just have to eat, sleep, shop and repeat!

– Buy your favorite products from the widest variety of US stores and get them delivered at your Tax free US address

– We’ll get them shipped right away as we receive your love boxes at our warehouse

– Knock Knock, your package is where you are!

Perks of shopping from US and shipping to Australia with Globalshopaholics

1. A list of trusted package forwarding companies

We provide you a list of shippers to choose from for courier services such as Aramex, USPS, DHL, FedEx and more. Choose the shipper you trust for international package forwarding from US to Australia. You can easily select the shipper which suits your budget as well as falls into the expected shipping duration

2. Assisted purchase

Unable to access the website of your most adored US brand or want to be sure of the quality of the merchandise? Well, no worries! We have it covered for you, we know your choice and will help you get your hands on what so ever you want from the store of your choice! If you need anything from a US store that does not allow anyone other than US residents to place an order, we will place the order for you and ship it to you. Our assisted purchase feature allows you to buy anything and everything from the US stores and ship cheap to Australia, if you can’t directly reach the store from your home country. So shop and ship to Australia without any doubts.

3. Package consolidation

Shipping single items internationally costs a lot more than shipping a collective package. Globalshopaholics gives you the opportunity to buy more and ship for less through it’s unmatched package consolidation. If you want to order from multiple stores but also want to get the items shipped at once, you can easily do that without any second thoughts. GS stores your packages at it’s warehouse for upto 180 days! So as your parcels arrive GS carefully packs them into a single compact packaging so you have to pay less and have more to cherish!

4. Other services Globalshopaholics offer for free

Global Shopaholics considers you its family, your loss is our loss. If  GS finds a broken/damaged item in your package, you’ll straightaway be notified you so that you don’t have to pay for something which isn’t of your use. The further action of replacement or return will be taken on your behalf as instructed by you. Global Shopaholics provides you an opportunity of thorough inspection of your bought items, by detailed item photo facility. If the article is broken, we will return it for you after you send us the return label.

GS also provide item testing. That means that  devices can be tested for their smooth working, like phones, laptops, and other electronics if you are concerned about their operation.

US to Australia shipping cost

Global Shopaholics brings you the most affordable shipping from USA to Australia. It provides you many options of shippers to choose from. The shipping fee differs from shipper to shipper, you get to choose your shipper as per your requirement. To keep shipping cost from USA to Australia budget-friendly, a minimal processing fee is charged. Moreover, GS’s warehouse is located in the tax-free region of Delaware which further cuts down your package retaining and shipping cost unlike the competitors in the market.

Global shopaholics provides all the people who visit Its website a free access to ‘estimated shipping calculator’ to compare and conclude the best suitable deal in context to money and time. The calculator shows you time and charges each shipping service has to offer for shipping to Australia from USA.

Become our long-term Shopaholic to avail discounts and promotions for shipping to Australia from USA, you just have to keep a close eye on the offers!

Warm up! Because your haul will soon be at your doorstep

Global Shopaholics ensures faster package deliveries while shipping from USA to Australia. Global Shopaholics is known for being accommodative and provides you the option of selecting cheaper options for shipping to Australia from USA even in this time when the world has gone so slow due to the pandemic

Priority shipping:  priority shipping takes 2-5 working days for the packages to get delivered

Economy shipping:  Economy shipping saves money and takes 4-8 working days for the packages to get delivered

Which US stores are Australian’s absolute favorites?

Australians are sophisticated shoppers, they are always open to embrace new trends and hence make their way to the best US store fronts. They keenly search and look for latest trends, hereby buy the products which match their standard from all the top US brands. Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane outnumbers other cities in highest virtual purchases from the US stores and shipping them back to Australia. 36% of all the online buyers in Australia were found to have preferred buying from US stores instead of anywhere else in the world.

US brands continue to successfully make their way into the Australian market as well their hearts. They offer a wide range of retail conditions and have a great deal of top-notch products which are greatly admired by the Australian buyers. Australians tend to buy a variety of products from almost all the high-end US stores and ship to Australia. Among Aussies’ most preferred stores are the giant beauty Sephora, NIKE, The north face, Calvin Klein, Nine west and many more.

What are Aussies buying the most from US and shipping to Australia?

Due to the high quality product manufacture, US enjoys the admiration of Australian people as well. The trade between Australia and US is on the rise. Australia holds a great technology, machinery, clothing and cosmetic purchase as observed in the US market trends

Further digging in, it has been unleashed that frequent Australian purchases from the US include toys, men’s wear, women’s wear, cosmetics, skincare, baby clothing, books and vehicle parts from USA to have them shipped to Australia. Electronics, shoes and drugstore products are also among the most bought items by the Aussies.

From which US stores you can shop online and ship to Australia?

Global Shopaholics makes your online shopping venture so much better through its cheapest US to Australia shipping and a long list of US brands to shop from

These are some of the Australia’s favorite American brands they love to shop from;

Ralph Lauren







J Crew




Victoria’s Secret

Bath & Body Works

Disney Store

Weissman Designs

Toys R US

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