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We're making it easier than ever to shop from the USA and ship internationally.

Millions of shoppers around the world are able to buy their favourite items from U.S. stores and get them delivered anywhere, thanks to the package forwarding services of Global Shopaholics.


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Get your own tax-free U.S. shipping address

Getting your international shipping address is easy. Simply create your free account on the Global Shopaholics website to get your own reserved space in our warehouse in Delaware.

Having a U.S. shipping address in a tax-free zone means you save on shipping taxes that would otherwiserake up your expenses. This especially helps if you are shipping from the US in bulk, as the taxes can add up when shipping multiple items.

Your U.S. address is tax-free! This means you can save a lot, especially on bulk shipping Registration is 100% FREE. You only pay when it’s time to ship items to your country You can start getting items delivered to your U.S. address immediately You can get started for free by getting registered, and start shopping right away!

Shop From U.S. Online Stores

Visit your favorite online U.S. store and add any item you like to your cart. At the checkout, enter your new U.S. shipping address, and it will be delivered to our warehouse. From there, it gets shipped to you.Once your account has been created, your U.S. shipping address is ready to use. Head over to any online U.S. store, pick the items you like and get them delivered to your new address. To see what the address is,log in to your account and go to your Dashboard.
Shop from Amazon, Bath & Body Works, Ulta Beauty, or ANY other American online store

Get the items delivered to the warehouse, and store them there for up to 180 daysContinue to buy and collect items at the warehouse, so you can ship them togetherIf you are asked for a U.S. phone number or credit card and you do not have one, try Assisted Purchase. Simply go to your Dashboard, select ‘Begin Assisted Purchase’. We’ll buy it on your behalf and forward it to you.Unlock access to the following amazing stores and more by signing up for free.

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Choose How You Want To Ship

Global Shopaholics gives you complete control of how and when you want to ship your packages. A widevariety of shipping options means you end up saving on international shipping in so many different ways. Package consolidation helps you save by reducing the volumetric weight of your shipment Pick the courier of your choice and prioritize whether you want quick shipping or lower rates If the items are fragile, you can get extra packing peanuts to make sure they reach safely Get this and much more by signing up for FREE.

Get It Delivered To Your Doorstep

When you’re ready to ship your items to your desired country, your selected items will be consolidated into one box to reduce shipping costs. From there, you receive the package at your doorstep!   We ship to virtually every country in the world. Check out our FAQs page for a complete list Our dedicated customer support team is always available to provide assistance if you need help Get packages shipped as quickly as one to two days

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