Payment & Tax

Taxes and duties

Imports are subjected to certain percentages of taxes and customs duties. These percentages are determined by the customs department of the government of each country. Each country has a different system for applying the taxes and customs. Some countries implement Goods and services tax (GST) and others apply Value added tax (VAT) on the total value of imports. Customs applies a specified chunk of special duty tax also known as tariff, for importing international goods across the border of a country.

Taxes and custom duties have nothing to do with the company, it straightaway goes to the customs department of your respective country. Once your packages arrive at the customs, you’ll be notified. You’ll have to pay the tax/duty in order to get your shipment released from the tariff department and to get it delivered to your doorstep. Rest of the legal documentation regarding import formalities is completed by Global Shopaholics itself.


Global Shopaholics works on creating ease in international shipping rather than making it more complex. Different payment methods are widely accepted at Global Shopaholics.

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer
  • Bitcoin
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