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Shipping Benefits

Shopping Benefits

Package Consolidation

Global Shopaholics enjoys a special status in the industry because we provide customers with the most convenient way to ship their packages. But we won’t be among the best if we didn’t make international shopping and shipping from US easier for our customers, comes in our package consolidation option.

US online stores offer excellent quality products, and people all over the world like to shop from these stores. But shipping your purchases directly with the retail stores can be costly. That is where Global Shopaholics comes to the rescue with the cheapest shipping rates.

We offer package consolidation options so that you can combine multiple items into one package and save up to 80% on your shipping costs

How You Can Reduce Shipping Cost with Consolidation

We understand that shipping costs can be a real thorn when it comes to international shopping and shipping from US. Our shipping calculator is especially designed to help you find the best options between lower shipping rates and faster delivery time.

  1. Shop online from any US store.
  2. Add your tax-free US address at checkout.
  3. We collect your packages and re-package them once they arrive at our facilities, saving you up to 80% on usual worldwide shipping expenses.
  4. Then we ship the consolidated package to your doorstep

Avail Easy International Package Consolidation with Global Shopaholics

  • Our shipping services include 180 days (6 months) of free package storage, which gives you plenty of time to catch all the fantastic deals over that period.
  • Our package consolidation service is totally free! The idea is to provide our customers with the cheapest way to ship their products from the US to anywhere in the world.
  • Our warehouse staff ensures that your packages are properly packaged for international shipping.
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