How to Get a Virtual Address in USA

Free US address without actually living in the states? Yes! you heard it right. The times of paying piles of money for getting a Virtual Address USA are gone. Here’s a brief guide on how to get your own US address without owning a mint!

What is a virtual address?

Virtual address is more like a home away from home for all your mailing deliveries. A virtual address could be of an office, a mail center or even a warehouse. You can manage your deliveries at the warehouse remotely. This is made possible through an app or a website or there could be a second party managing all your deliveries along with keeping you updated. The USA virtual address functions like any other address in the United States.

Why do I need a USA virtual address?

Well there are a number of reasons for having your own address in USA, here’s why

Shopping From USA

A common problem which international shoppers encounter while buying from USA is that most US stores do not offer an international shipping. The US market is not worth missing out on, hereby holds a large chunk of admirers. The high-end product produce buys a large number of shoppers world-wide. Being an international shopper, you naturally need a US virtual address for shopping from the US stores that do not ship internationally.

Additionally, if the US store-fronts do not accept your form of payments, you can add your allotted US address information to your credit-card essentials. In this way, you’ll have an accepted address for completing all your purchases. A personal US address enables you to shop from any and every US store without stressing over their international shipments.

Drop shipping

Another reason which adds up to the must have virtual address USA is drop shipping. If you’re buying or simply getting something imported from US to your home country and you want a place to get your items delivered at, for compilation or packaging or simply for holding it for sometime, a free US address would be a savior. You can store and hold your packages safe and secure, for the time being.

How to get your own US address?

There are a number of companies that provide virtual address USA but most of them charge a fortune. If you’re looking for free US address providers, there are some options for that too. You simply have to register with a certain company that provides a virtual address in USA.

Get a free US address with Global Shopaholics!

Global Shopaholics is an international freight forwarding company which provides free USA virtual address. You don’t have to look up to your relatives living in the states for receiving your packages, anymore. You now can get your own address in USA, that too for absolutely no charges!

Global Shopaholics has its warehouse located in a tax free region and hereby blesses all its members with a free US address of their own. The US address is actually of the GS warehouse, but GS considers you its family hereby renders you tension free by giving your parcels home away from home!


What are the profits in choosing Global Shopaholics?

Not only does Global Shopaholics gives you a fortune of free US address but it also ships worldwide! You don’t have to look for a separate shipper anymore once receiving a USA virtual address from Global Shopaholics. GS offers a package forwarding service for almost every country in the world.

Furthermore, Global Shopaholics also lets you store your packages at its warehouse for 210 days! So if you’re looking forward to shopping from multiple stores or your deliveries come from multiple origins, that’s totally fine. All your packages are kept safe and secure until you give a go ahead for shipping or any further action. 

How much is the shipping?

Global Shopaholics offers various shipping plans such as standard shipping, express shipping and fast lane shipping. The charges for each shipping deal are different. Additionally, GS in collaboration with other courier companies makes your deliveries possible worldwide. Each company has its own sets of shipping rates depending on the region of the world you live in.

To get an exact idea of how much it will cost for you to ship from your own address in USA to your home country, you can refer to the shipping calculator on GS website.


There’s so much more you can avail along with getting a free US address from Global Shopaholics. Fast and easy shipping simpler! Plenty of shopping and shipping benefits come along while choosing Global Shopaholics to get a USA virtual address.

Join the club!

Here’s you key for unlocking countless shopping and shipping opportunities!

  1. Sign-up with Global Shopaholics
  2. Get a tax free US address
  3. Shop from US stores give the US address at the checkout or simply get your parcels delivered from wherever you want
  4. Hold on! The shipping is already on its way…
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