We are making it easier than ever to shop from the USA and ship internationally

Millions of shoppers around the world are able to buy their favorite items from U.S stores and get them delivered anywhere in the world. All thanks to Global Shopaholics package forwarding services.

Shipping Benefits

A hassle-free shipping experience with Global Shopaholics shipping services, unmatchable expertise, and customer support.

GS Smart Price Shipping

We offer the most affordable shipping rates giving you a competitive edge.

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GS Package Consolidation

Consolidate and save up to 80% percent on your shipping costs.

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Ship Dangerous Goods

GS is licensed to deliver dangerous goods, a rare facility in the industry.

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Customs & Compliance

Our experts process the export documents for compliance with customs and regulatory protocols.

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Secure and Trusted Carriers

Our trusted carrier partners DHL, FedEx, UPS, and others, ensure secure and reliable deliveries

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Shopping Benefits

GS helps you find the best deals on US brands allowing you to secure not only the cheapest rates from brands but also save on shipping big time.

Save on shopping from US Stores

From eBay to Amazon and Nordstorm to Adidas, buy your favorite products at rates only available to US citizens.

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Tax-Free Shipping Address

Storage can cost additional taxes but GS tax-free shipping address takes care of that problem to save your costs.

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Assisted Purchase

We can buy the product for you in case you are having troubles with your credit card or the store won't deliver it to a warehouse.

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Return Damaged Packages

We check the products as soon as they are delivered to GS and we can return them if the product is damaged or not according to your order

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Reviews and Deals

Stay up to date on the latest sales, deals, and offers through member-only emails, social media, and our blog

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You take care of Shopping, We take care of Shipping. Get all USA Brands delivered at your doorstep.

We’re making it easier than ever to shop from the USA and ship internationally.

Millions of shoppers around the world are able to buy their favourite items from U.S. stores and get them delivered anywhere, thanks to the package forwarding services of Global Shopaholics.

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Millions of USA branded products are just a click away from your home. Sign Up, start shopping and we’ll start shipping.

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