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What You Should Know About World Teen Mental Wellness Day?

Last year, the teen retail giant Hollister launched its Confidence Project, a multifaceted program meant to forward the cause of mental wellness in teens and to encourage organizations and nonprofit groups working on teen mental health, equity and inclusion in young circles, sustainability, and anti-bullying efforts. As part of the initiative, Hollister took several steps towards these causes and declared March 2nd as World Teen Mental Wellness Day.

In a press release last year, Hollister announced its plans for the Confidence Project and its declaration of World Teen Mental Wellness Day. According to the American Psychological Association, Gen Z is the most affected generation when it comes to mental health issues; 91 percent of teens report that they feel stressed about health, school, family, friends, and money.

Bringing The New Generation On Board

Hollister has initiated a Confidence Grant for organizations that are doing outstanding work in the field of teen mental health and inclusion. It awarded grants of $1,000,000 to a number of U.S. organizations championing the cause of confidence & wellness in teens. It has also started the Teenager Therapy mini-series on YouTube, featuring young podcasters and TikTokers, which encourages a frank and open conversation about mental wellness amongst teenagers.

This year, for World Teen Mental Wellness Day, Hollister is collaborating with TikTok stars including Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Rebecca Black, Maggie Thurmon, Jack Wright and Zahra, to remove the stigma around conversations on mental health. The teen stars will feature in virtual mental wellness pop-ups across high schools in the US to talk about their struggles with mental health.

World Teen Mental Wellness Day Merchandise

Hollister has also launched its exclusive World Teen Mental Wellness Day merchandise for those who wish to support the cause and contribute. The merchandise is centered on the self-care theme that runs throughout the Confidence Project, and items in the merchandise feature the slogan ‘Self-Care Instructions: Be Good To Yourself.”

The World Teen Mental Wellness Day merchandise is available on the Hollister website, and while it’s meant as an all-inclusive effort for teens around the world, there may be certain countries where the company does not ship. If you’d like these items shipped to your country, Global Shopaholics offers you your own US shipping address, with 180 days of storage and affordable package forwarding services.

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Global Shopaholics is proud to be a supporter of mental wellness and anti-bullying efforts amongst teens. We aim to continue to use our platform to lend a bigger voice to the cause and to create a more inclusive and welcoming world for all.

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