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What Is Package Forwarding?

The US can be considered the largest marketplace for shoppers around the world. For instance, the biggest stores like Amazon, Target, and Walmart are in the US. But unfortunately, many of the US stores don’t ship internationally. That is where package forwarding comes in for the rescue. But what is package forwarding?

With an increase in e-commerce, there’s been an increase in the new range of businesses. Package delivery is becoming more and more famous because of the high rise in international shoppers’ interest in buying from the US. Sometimes some stores don’t deliver to your country, and sometimes the shipping costs are just too much. That is the reason why so many shoppers choose to shop through a package forwarding and shipping company. 

Package forwarding helps you shop from the US stores that don’t deliver to your country. However, it is mostly only used for online shopping. Read through our blog to find out what package forwarding services are.

How Does It Work?

If you are new to the term of package forwarding and want to learn more about it, here’s our guide about how it is done and example projects.

  • The customer first creates an account and is given a native shipping address. For instance, if the customer is shopping from the USA, they would get a US native address to deliver their items to the package forwarding company’s warehouse. 

  • The shopper then places an order to any online store and gets it delivered to the same native address the package forwarding company gave. 

  • The package forwarding company gets the package, informs the buyer, and then provides storage. Different companies offer different periods for package storage. 

  • Buyers then pay the package forwarding company for their storage service and the international shipping fee.

  • The Package forwarding company forwards the package to the customer. 

Perks of Package Forwarding

Customs clearance can be an extra fee for cross-border shopping, but the shopper won’t have to deal with it when package forwarding. Global shopaholics also provide package consolidation; you can get multiple items shipped together with package consolidation. It will save up your shipping cost vastly. This process aims to benefit the customers that want to shop and ship internationally.

You can shop top tier international products. The shipping processes are left to the package forwarding company, and they usually offer cheap shipping rates. In addition, you get to store your items for a longer period. For instance, Global Shopaholics offer 180 days of package storage. If you wish, you get to have multiple items shipped just once. This process is called package consolidation. Package consolidation saves up your shipping costs enormously. There are many package forwarding companies that offer free registration, unlike a few others that have exorbitant registration packages.

Why Choose Global Shopaholics?

Package forwarding services to make it easy for shoppers to shop and ship internationally. Global Shopaholics makes it easy and convenient to shop internationally for everyone. To make it easy for you, here is a short guide to how we operate. 

  • To shop with Global Shopaholics, register for free today. 

  • When you register, we send you a tax-free US shipping address.

  • You shop from your favorite US store and get it delivered to the address we provided you with.

  • We collect the package and store it in our warehouse. We provide 180 days (6 months) of package storage to our customers.

  • We offer package consolidation options to our clients as well. This process helps you save up on your shipping cost. 

  • We can take deliveries from countless retailers in the USA. 

  • We provide the cheapest shipping rates.

  • You can track your order the whole time. 

  • We provide photos of the package upon arrival.

  • We also offer to repack the items. 

  • We offer a wide variety of shipping options to choose from.

  • After the package is received, we get it delivered to your home address. Easy!