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Using Freight Forwarding To Grow Your Business

Today’s business environment is extremely competitive. Every other company is striving to expand the market share to make profit. Most organizations operate globally. The most critical aspect for a company’s success is the import and export, be it finished products or raw materials. Apart from this, companies require transport of their products from city to city within the same country as well. A lot of companies do not have in house capacity for transportation of products from point A to B. 

They employ freight service that will get the job done while ensuring safety of products during transportation.

Freight forwarding companies make things easy for business owners and transport goods from manufacturer to the customer. They possess the means of deporting huge cargo, and they work out and take charge of the entire process. A freight forwarder’s job is fairly difficult as the process comes with extensive paperwork. Also, freight forwarders can better guide you with regards to the mode of shipment that your corporation is better suited to. 

They provide reliable expertise and business owners feel at ease letting freight forwarders handle the task of transportation.

Types of freight forwarding:

  • Ocean forwarding

Most companies give priority to ocean forwarding in comparison to air or land freight forwarders when the items to be sent are large and/or in high quantity. The major reason being that it is cost effective. This is especially true in the case of international shipping.

  • Air Forwarding

Air forwarding is done through airplanes. It is the preferred method of freight forwarding for quick and speedy deliveries. It may come to mind that transportation cost will increase, but it is not very expensive.

  • Land forwarding

Land freight forwarders are the best option for large scale projects that call for back and forth transportation of massive items. It is mainly used for big construction projects.

6 major advantages of freight forwarding for your business

Timely Pickup and Delivery.

A major cause for companies losing clients is that the company is unable to cater to their needs on time. Whenever a parcel is misplaced overseas, it is the source of concern and frustration for the customer as there is little they can do about it. To resolve this issue, freight forwarding has materialized. Any legitimate freight forwarding company has trained staff for the planning and transportation process. This is how they guarantee timely delivery of your cargo.

Tracking Systems.

It takes a considerable amount of time for your cargo to get to its destination. Loss of packages is always a concern for companies. However if there is a tracking system in place, clients feel at ease knowing where their cargo is at any time. Any freight forwarder worth their salt keeps track of its customers’ cargo. There many easy to implement tracking systems available that they use.


The greatest benefit of a freight forwarding company has to be that they offer top notch security. 

You should be at ease knowing your cargo is in safe hands, though it may be going to faraway lands. Freight forwarding companies have proper provisions in place to take care of all types of stuff. They make certain that fragile items are handled with utmost care. Careful packaging, digital and manual documentation are some of the measures taken by freight forwarders to ensure that your products will be safe.


The larger the size of the package is, so is the expense of shipment. Even then, freight forwarders offer relatively decent prices. Since you won’t only be delivering single packages through their service, they can give better prices. Most freight forwarders give discounted rates for transportation of items in massive quantities. This is how they are able to offer great services at economical rates.

Inventory Management.

Freight forwarders keep an extensive network which is spread over many miles. Hiring them will allow you to avoid hiring a different person for every little different task.  A freight forwarder has abundant resources that help in managing inventory effectively. They can offer convenient and quick services that are sure to help you grow your business.


The main purpose of hiring a freight forwarder is so they will ship goods in bulk for your business. Yes, a freight forwarder has to make sure that your shipment will be delivered on time, however they give you an option of warehousing, if for whatever reason, they are unable to deliver your goods. You can also store different parcels in their warehouse if you want more packages to be combined into one shipment, which is known as consolidation, and can save you a lot of money while shipping.


Freight forwarders possess a clear understanding of logistics and work through proper channels. Global shipping generally involves various modes of transport, each with its own rules and regulations. 

It is a wise decision to hire a licensed freight forwarding company that will let you track your shipments. Any organization looking to expand will at one point need to deliver its good to far off locations. Working with different service providers can be a bit daunting. The most effective solution is to hire a freight forwarding company.

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