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Top Stylish Sunglasses To Shop For Summer

An old folk lore has it, that the person who designed the first pair of sunglasses, made sure that they were just as stylish as they were functional.From then on,sunglasses became one of the most significant accessories worn and loved by the people. 

Year after year well known designers are to create the most iconic pair and make a statement. Doesn’t matter what outfit you’re wearing, whether you need protection for your eyes or just want to accentuate the way you look, if you put on sunglasses, it will do the trick. We’ve made a short list, sunglasses for men, sunglasses for women, sunglasses for everyone!

Ashtray Unisex Cat-eye Sunglasses $150

What goes around, comes around. This is especially true in the fashion industry.The retro cat-eye sunglasses are available in a pink frame with bottle-green lenses. they’re the embodiment of Lana del Rey’s dream. Its vintage energy  complement’s styling as this year retro is making a comeback. Just because they look like they’re from the ’60’s doesn’t mean they are old; they feature very modern 100% UVA protection and high-quality Carl Zeiss lenses.

“I love these glasses. They compliment my outfits and they are very unique!” comments Cesar V.


Unisex UA Hustle Mirror Sunglasses $90

Sports wear can be just as stylish as it is supposed to be comfortable. These Under Armour sunglasses prove it! You can protect your eyes while playing sports. It has mirror coated lenses, offers contrast, extra sun protection, and scratch resistance. They are impact-resistant, flexible and even hypoallergenic. Above all else, they are crafted so no one will observe you’ve just come from an intense jog as they’re suitable for gym-to-lunch vibes. 

The Shake Appeal Sunglasses $95

Handmade with top quality materials for 100% protection from harmful UV rays. The classic tortoise shell sunglasses are environment friendly as they are biodegradable and petroleum-free. A perfect reminder that there are always cleaner alternatives for everything we buy. 

“These are the favorite sunglasses I’ve ever had! The frames are rad, I’m obsessed with the color, and the quality is top-notch. I was a bit worried they would be too big for my face because most unisex shades are – but these are perfect. Very stoked!” Brittany B.

Tom Ford Miranda Oversized Round Sunglasses $415

The Miranda sunglasses are designed by Tom Ford. They have to be one of the most tasteful pairs of sunglasses we’ve seen! The easy curves of the metal frame, with an open temple and floating lenses,will make it  impossible to look away. This pair of sexy sunglasses is available in sparkling rose gold and shaded brown lens giving it the most amazing female look.

“I am so in love with my Miranda glasses in gold, I usually have a hard time liking glasses and finding ones that look nice and are comfortable to wear. The glasses are light, you almost forget you have anything on, and the lens makes everything crisp and clear. The frames are just gorgeous, I’m so happy I bought these glasses,” happily comments Jnc77.

Le Specs Outta Love Sunglasses $59

Outta Love Le Specs sunglasses are another strong retro option for people who want to make a statement with their lifestyle. It has a bulky black oval frame and smoked lenses, which make it classic but still eccentric. The great price-point paired with the upbeat style is guaranteed to make you happy. 

“I’m literally in love with these sunglasses. It’s no secret that Le Specs makes quality frames. I’ve never felt like I’ve gotten a better deal before in terms of price, quality, style. It comes with a nice, blue, leather sunglass carrier and wipes to clean the glass. Truly happy with this and I will likely keep these for many years,” reviews Anna.


Ray-Ban Mirrored Round Folding Icon Sunglasses $231

If there is a conversation going on about sunglasses, we can’t go on without mentioning Ray-Ban. However, rather than featuring  the same old Ray-Ban models, we are falling in love with these Folding Round Mirrored Icon Sunglasses. If you’re looking for something other than the aviator and wayfarer styles, these mirrored lenses in their oversized, round shape, and the folding mechanism are surely the sunglasses you have been on the lookout for. Ever wonder why they are the top performers in eyewear? Its Ray-Ban’s timeless styling.

“This sunglass is amazing I tried it in person in a yellow color with 48 mm lens size and it looked way small for my oval shape, but I was amazed how small and compact this sunglass is, save so much space if u are going out with a small bag, I was also happy with the size of the lens 50 mm and the color of it I think its the best color I could go for, highly recommending this sunglass it almost fits all shapes of faces, one more thing it’s a bit tricky to close it and open it but after I while I got the hang of it :)”

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