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Small Businesses In The US You Can Shop From

The last year has been difficult for a lot of businesses, and small brands were affected far more than big brands. Although there’s a yearly outpouring of support for such businesses on Small Business Saturday – the last Saturday in November, which is the 27th this year – these small businesses could use support like this a bit more often in the current circumstances.

Plenty of people would like to do just that. But that’s the thing about small businesses, it’s difficult to know which ones to support because they’re not as well known. We’re doing our part in empowering you to support some of these small businesses. Read on to find out more.

  1. Astrid and Miyu

Astrid and Miyu is a contemporary jewelry brand with a vision to make their snazzy pieces accessible to everyone. For women who want to build their wardrobe with chic styles every season, Astrid and Miyu have some very modern jewels.

This small business is best known for their signature ear stacks for which they took inspiration from the art, architecture, music and people of London. They help women express themselves through the gems they choose to wear. If you also want to look chic and stylish with minimalist jewels, check out Astrid and Miyu and buy the finest pieces for your wardrobe.

Astrid and Miyu have just launched their new collection of necklaces, earrings and rings. And if you’re looking for a customized piece, you can get it engraved, a perfect gift for anyone, even for yourself! 

You also get a 10% off on your first order. Just use the code #AMEarParty and enjoy shopping from Astrid and Miyu. 

If Astrid and Miyu doesn’t ship to your country, you can always get it shipped directly to you with the package forwarding services of Global Shopaholics.

  1. Season2Consign

Season2Consign is a small business owned by two sisters, Erika Schrieber and Monica Mularski. It is an authentic luxury handbags, accessoires and other designer resale business. They want the customers to know that their product cycle builds trust and integrity and provides the highest quality products.  

The main goal for this business is to create a safe digital space for customers and consigners.  

They have authentic luxury designer bags, accessories, small leather goods, sunglasses, jewelry and so much more from brands like Chanel, Gucci, Valentino, Fendi, Prada and more. 

They also let you know the condition of the bag in the details and show images so you can trust their service.

You can internationally ship luxury handbags, belts, accessories, sunglasses and more from Season 2 Consign with Global Shopaholics. 

  1. Batsheva

A ready to wear brand for women and girls, Batsheva plays with styles of feminine dresses. 

Styles from nostalgic times to housewives and hippies, they have given them a modern touch. Batsheva retools the historical looks of old fashioned concepts of feminine dresses and extract out the strong and beautiful aspects.

At Batsheva, you can shop dresses, tops, bottoms, knits, jewelry, perfume, furniture and home items. They have a special section of vintage and one of a kind, where you’ll get some notable vintage pieces. If nostalgic yet modern is your style, you might fall in love with Batsheva.

If Batsheva doesn’t ship to you directly, don’t let this stop you from shopping for your style. Let Global Shopaholics take care of your international shipping. 

  1. Brother Vellies

The goal of Brother Vellies was to keep African designs and practices alive while also sustaining the non industrial hand craft jobs. Focusing and working hard, Brother Vellies now create luxury accessories that celebrate cultural histories and design. 

Putting in a lot of thought and effort they make sure what is being created is loved by you. In their product fundamentals you will find vegetable tanned leathers, recycled tires, hand carved wood, floral dyed feathers with other by-products.

You can shop sandals, heels, socks, doodled shoes, nude heel collection, bags, small leather goods, flats, boots, loafers, mules and men’s shoes. You will also find a limited quantity of home goods and life while also seeking out vintage treasures. 

Trying and supporting the cause of small brands shouldn’t only be limited to small business saturday. Check out Brother Vellies, handcrafted designs to shop and ship from the US. 

  1. Awoke Vintage

Starting as a small stall, Awake Vintage is a small business where you can buy vintage and modern clothes, accessories and more fun things. 

If you are fascinated by aesthetic and vintage items, Awoke Vintage has the perfect charming, cute and chic style for you. 

Check out their pastel striped button up shirts, which have appealing pastel colors that you can still pair with anyone to pull off the perfect vintage look. You can also get handmade polymer clay earrings to tick off the aesthetic girl vibe.

If the above mentioned small businesses or any other brand doesn’t ship to your country, you can get them shipped via Global Shopaholics. After making your free Global Shopaholics account, you get your own tax free US shipping address and 180 days of storage, that’s 6 months.

This enables you to shop from different brands over the span of 6 months. Once you are ready to get your packages shipped, you can opt for package consolidation to combine these multiple packages into one one box and save on shipping costs. This way you can take advantage of the lowest and affordable international shipping.

To get started, register for a free Global Shopaholics account today!

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