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For the past couple of years, more shoppers than ever before have shifted to online shopping. It doesn’t require you to move a muscle, and it can actually be fun! Shopping and shipping from the US is now becoming easier and we are all happy for it. 

Online shopping from US stores sounds great but it can be heavy on your pocket. A lot of the major brands in the US don’t ship internationally to most countries, and if they do, they can be very pricey.

With the package forwarding services of Global Shopaholics, you can shop from US stores and ship internationally for the lowest cost, with ZERO membership fees. The way it works is simple, and it’s all designed to save both time and money. Read on to find out more!


Shopping and shipping from the USA to your country is easy with Global Shopaholics. There are only a couple of steps you need to follow: 

  1. Sign up for free

  2. Shop from US stores

  3. Receive your packages

The first thing you have to do is make a Global Shopaholics account. Creating an account is completely FREE. You just have to sign up, and your account is created.

Once your account is made, you’ll receive a tax-free US shipping address. When you are shopping from US brands, it requires a US based mailing address and Global Shopaholics provides that completely FREE. Once you are done shopping from your favorite US brand, use the provided address at the checkout section.

And that’s it! Your work is done. 

Now, we will ship packages from the US to your country. That’s your shopping done right without moving a muscle.


Global Shopaholics gives you the cheapest shipping from the US.  Along with a US shipping address, you also receive 180 days of FREE storage which is the maximum time any package forwarding company provides.

Once your package is delivered to the warehouse, it can stay there for 180 days.

This lets you continue shopping from US stores. This also gives you the chance to shop and avail sales from big US brands. You can shop from Amazon, Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Kohl’s and so many other US stores. 

You can also shop during the holiday season when almost every US store has sales and deals going on. Big events like Black Friday, Halloween, Cyber Monday, Amazon Prime Day, Easter and so many more lets you shop everything at a discounted price and you can ship all of these packages to the warehouse for 6 months. 

You can also save using 180 days of storage with Global Shopaholics. 

Every time you ship a package, you will have to pay for the costs of shipping. 

Package consolidation refers to merging your various packages into one box. You get to choose exactly which products kept in your storage are going to be consolidated. Your multiple packages are merged into one big box and are ready to be shipped.  Package consolidation helps you save on shipping costs. When you consolidate your packages, that one box takes less space on the shipping vehicle which ultimately costs less than multiple small boxes. 

With Global Shopaholics, you also get to pick the courier of your choice. We offer you multiple courier choices so you can decide whether you want fast shipping or cheap shipping.

You can get the cheapest shipping with your own choice of courier. Once you decide your package travel partner your packages will be shipped to you.

If you don’t get enough time to shop for yourself or for a friend, Global Shopaholics offers Assisted Purchase. With Assisted Purchase, you can simply share a link to the items you want by filling out a simple form, and your work is done. Global Shopaholics buys the item on your behalf and ships it to you.

For Assisted Purchase, you have to fill out a form where only necessary details are to be filled out.


Global Shopaholics provides many other services aimed at making international shopping easier, some of which include:

  • Detailed item photos

  • Extra packing material 

  • Assisted Purchase 

  • 180 days of storage

  • Package Consolidation 

  • Free US shipping address

  • Repacking 

  • Shoe box removal 

  • 24/7 live chat support 

Every service provided by Global Shopaholics is designed to make international shipping affordable for you.

  • Other parcel forwarding companies from the US charge you to sign up, with Global Shopaholics it’s completely FREE to sign up and make an account. With us you will save on signing up and making an account.

  • At Global Shopaholics, you will receive a tax free US shipping address completely free while other companies charge even for that. With a tax free US address you will not pay extra taxes on your products, and hence you will save the costs here as well.

  • With Global Shopaholics, you get 180 days of storage completely FREE. Other package forwarding companies charge for it. Here you will also save by getting 6 months of storage completely free. 

  • Using the opportunity of 180 days of storage, you can enjoy the great sales and discounts on big brands like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Kohl’s and many more. Here you will save on sales and yet pay no tax on products because you will have a tax free US address with Global Shopaholics. 

  • When you decide to ship, you can get the package consolidation service which merges all the small boxes into one box which cuts almost 80% of your shipping costs. With Global Shopaholics you save here too.

  • You also get to pick the courier service of your choice. Depending on your priority of fast shipping or cheap shipping, you can decide which courier to go for. If you want the cheapest shipping, you can also pick the courier likewise. And yet again you save here only with the amazing services of Global Shopaholics.

Table of Contents