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Whenever there is a festival, local event, or any national day around the corner, people tend to get excited about the coming holidays. But for us, the excitement isn’t just about getting a break, it’s about the sales and discounts about to go up because you know what that means: retail therapy!

The US Independence Day is about celebrating the freedom and liberties offered by this great land. And big stores love using it for their 4th of July sales. We know plenty of big shoppers are excited about the Independence Day sales in the USA too because, let’s be real, those are real bargains.

And if you don’t live in the USA, don’t worry. We won’t let you miss out on these massive Fourth of July sales. Global Shopaholics provides you with a tax-free US shipping address and 180 days of free storage, so you can get the best package forwarding services to easily shop from the USA and we will forward it to you on your doorstep for the lowest international shipping rate you can get!

Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the Fourth of July sales we’ve gathered for you to look forward to!

The Best 4th Of July Electronics Sales Right Now

If you’ve been thinking about updating your TVs, mobile set, laptops or even its accessories or parts, look into the best 4th of July electronics sales right now, being offered in the following week and the Day of Independence.

LG 43’ 4K Smart TV:

You’ll come across some great options on Target if you’re looking for a brand new TV. For example, check out this LG 43″ Class 4K UHD Smart LED HDR TV. With a quad-core processor 4K, active HDR, and Google Assistant in-built, it’s a great deal for $419.99! For international shoppers, Global Shopaholics can ship it to your doorstep and if your product is fragile, you can get the item packed with extra packing as well.

Shipping with Global Shopaholics also gives you the ability to choose your own courier service, so you can get the lowest international shipping rate.

Qi Wireless Car Phone Charger:

Too busy to charge your phone? This wireless car charger is the perfect product for you. Get yourself a Qi Fast Phone Charger during the 4th of July sale so you never run out of battery in the car.

With a Global Shopaholics account, you can shop and ship this charger to your country for the lowest shipping cost, thanks to services like package consolidation and

Philips HTL1508 Soundbar Speaker:

If you are looking for smart Bluetooth speakers, Philips’ HTL1508 Soundbar Speakers would be the best for you. Get yourself a good bargain from Walmart and let us ship it to you.

For the cheapest way to shop from the USA and ship to your country, you can sign up for free to Global Shopaholics and start shopping with your own free US shipping address.

Fitbit Sense Smartwatch:

Getting a smartwatch is an investment, what with the practical and fitness perks you get. If you want an authentic smartwatch from the US Independence Day sale, then the Fitbit Sense Advanced is one of the best options right now. It has all the trappings of a good smartwatch, like health monitoring, and it comes with Google Assistant or Alexa too.

If you’d like to ship the Fitbit Sense to your country, Global Shopaholics will let you shop and ship it to your doorstep for the lowest international shipping cost possible.

4th Of July Appliances Sales To Check Out

You might want to keep an eye on the deals being offered, and check out the 4th of July appliance sales, because they are not ones to be missed out on. Also, the Fourth of July discounts on appliances are expected to go 40% off or higher so for those who have been on the lookout for appliances, July is the perfect time.

Danby Bottom-Mount Refrigerator:

Thinking about buying a new refrigerator? This Danby 9.2-foot bottom-mount fridge, with an electronic thermostat and reversible door, is a great deal for the price. July 4th sales are often amongst some of the best when it comes to yearly sales on appliances.

To get international shipping for the Danby refrigerator and other appliances in these Fourth of July sales, you can sign up for free on Global Shopaholics.

Faberware Countertop Microwave:

If you are looking for a good microwave oven, you might want to check out the sales on appliances at Lowe’s, which are some of the best 4th of July sales online.

Check out the Farberware countertop 1100-watt microwave oven with smart sensor technology, multi-stage cooking, memory functions for customized settings, and user-based controls. Tell me it’s not a bargain at this price, given the features you get.

Whirlpool Dryer:

Looking for a good recommendation on dryers? You absolutely need to check this best seller on Lowe’s. The Whirlpool Electric Dryer has some of the most promising features to offer. One of these prominent features is the dryer knows when the clothes have reached just the right amount of dryness.

If you are abroad and thinking of how you can avail this 4th of July appliance sale while not being in the USA, Global Shopaholics offers package forwarding services for appliances as it does with other goods too. You can shop and ship it to your country with added benefits like

Home Decor Sales On The 4th Of July

All year round we look forward to clothes sales, and other accessories. Let’s look at the home decor sales on the 4th of July on furniture and home goods as well. Global Shopaholics will let you shop from the USA and will let you ship it on to your doorsteps with just one click.

Sonoran Block-Leg Sofa:

If you are looking to redecorate your sitting room with a new chic style, you need to have a look at this Sonoran Block-Leg Sofa from Crate and Barrel. If you want to fill your room with a contemporary chic style while being comfortable with your style as well, this block leg sofa is the one.

To get your own tax-free US shipping address, sign up for free with Global Shopaholics. You sure don’t want to miss the best 4th of July sales this time of the year.

Prescott Wide Storage Bookshelf:

A wooden bookcase in your spare room or office looks classical. Don’t miss out on this Prescott Wide Storage Bookcase. It gives the perfect open and closed space you might need in your media room or living room.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the Independence Day sale in the USA. Get the lowest international shipping cost with Global Shopaholics.

Gwen 6-Drawer Dresser:

If you are looking for a mix of wood and metal, this contemporary round style Gwen 6-Drawer Wood & Metal Dresser is the perfect one for you. Designed by Charlie Zagaroli, it features 6 soft-close drawers and iron legs and aluminum drawer pulls with antique brass powder-coat finish.

Don’t miss out on 4th of July deals this year and style your dressing room with your own contemporary style dresser. These independent sales from the USA are sure not to be missed out.

Manhattan Bedside Table:

If you are looking for a modern nightstand beside your bed, this Manhattan Comfort Rockefeller Nightstand is a nice blend. It provides good storage and will blend in with almost everything, whether it’s in your living room, guest room or your own room.

These 4th of July sales are sure not to be missed out when you want to refurbish your room or looking for modern pieces to be added in your room.

3-Piece Wicker Set:

The exterior of your house is just as important as the interior of the house, and if you’re looking for options, there’s something for you in the Fourth of July sales going in the USA.

This 3-Piece Suit Wicker Set is a perfect two-person outdoor patio furniture piece which can also be used in your indoor use.

The above-suggested products are from the best 4th of July sales online which will be happening on the US Independence Day.

If you are still thinking, it’s time to take action. Global Shopaholics provides you the services of package forwarding from the USA. All you need to do is sign up, which is free, and once you get a free US mail address, all that’s left is shopping.

Global Shopaholics lets you shop and ship from the USA. Start buying from the Independence day sale in the USA now.

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