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Ship Your Dangerous Goods Internationally With Global Shopaholics

In love with perfumes? Or looking to get your hands on the latest new hair tonic but the shipping company is not processing the delivery? Or may be you want a battery for your laptop? Well, this is where we come in. 

But before we get started it is essential that you know what items fall under the category of dangerous goods. This will help you understand how the shipping dangerous goods works and avoid delays or extra charges at customs when shipping internationally. 

Dangerous Goods are products or substances that can endanger persons, property, or the environment while being transported. 

While some items cause obvious threats due to their flammable and volatile nature. It may come as a surprise but many household or everyday use products are also considered dangerous goods when it comes to shipping. For instance, hand sanitizers, shoe polish, paint, and nail polish can all be considered dangerous goods. 

You may not realize it, but we all buy or use products that are considered dangerous goods on a regular basis. These products are obviously safe to use, but we have to be careful when it comes to how these items are being shipped. 

The Table

Dangerous goods are specifically restricted due to additional restrictions on shipping these items through air transportation. Most airlines deliver cargo in passenger planes as well and it is mainly restricted as a safety measure for the passengers. Special licensees like Global Shopaholics are approved to handle and ship the dangerous items. These items are divided into nine categories according to the type of dangers these pose in the table below.

Toxic and Infectious Substances

Pesticide, Insecticide, Agricultural Chemicals

Flammable Liquids

Paint, Alcoholic Beverages, Lighter Fluid, Hair Tonic (Hair growth treatment solution)


Ammunition, Fireworks, Firecrackers


Liquid Batteries, Mercury

Flammable Solids

Matches, Charcoal 


Fire Extinguishers, Lighter Fuel, Diving Tanks, Butane Gas

Oxidizing Substances

Oxygen generating chemicals, Peroxide/Bleaching Powder

Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods

Engines, Electronic Cigarettes, Asbestos, and Substances that have anesthetizing or toxic Effects on the Human Body and that may irritate or annoy. 

Radioactive Material

Enriched Uranium, Radioactive ores, Isotopes, some Medical Equipment or Parts, Smoke Detectors, etc. 

Before ordering any dangerous-for-shipping items, we recommend enquiring with our customer support about the anticipated cost and further information on which dangerous goods you can ship with us.

Is It Possible to Ship Dangerous Goods Internationally?

In many countries shipping dangerous goods is not allowed due to safety reasons.

With Global Shopaholics, you can still get the dangerous goods shipped internationally. These items need to be labeled as ‘hazardous material’ or ‘Fragile item’ and packed according to the government’s regulatory guidelines to ensure that various airline and shipping staff working on getting the parcel to you know how to treat your package. 

As a licensed shipping company for dangerous goods, we need to be very careful about identifying, classifying, packing, and labeling. The volatile nature of these products make them prone to misuse but when shipping with us, you are good to go!

Global Shopaholics has been a certified dangerous goods shipping company since 2015. We help people get their items that unfortunately fall under dangerous goods, safely and legally. 

Global Shopaholics solves the shipping problems

If you live outside the US and love shopping from the USA sales, you must be aware of the package forwarding services. Global Shopaholics is among the best package forwarding companies, and as it is also a certified dangerous goods shipper, you can ship everything with us when it comes to items like cosmetics, perfumes, electronic items with detachable or external batteries ,and stand-alone batteries.

Our team works to ship smiles all over the world, worldwide, which is why we consider shipping or transporting hazardous material with care as a serious task. 

How to ship dangerous goods from the US to your country?

As soon as you sign up for your free account with Global Shopaholics, we provide you with a tax-free US Address and 180 days (6 months) of free package storage. However, shipping dangerous goods requires you to avail our assisted purchase service since you require a license for shipping.

Through Assisted Purchase you can share the link of item falling under dangerous goods category and we will buy it using our license. We will take care of all the government protocols and deliver the goods to your doorstep hassle free. Assisted purchase also allows you to shop from US stores that don’t deliver to a warehouse location.

Global Shopaholics shipping calculator helps you find out your shipping rates before you make a decision. Shop all your favorite US brands today and ship your packages internationally with Global Shopaholics. 

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