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How To Shop From US This Eid Adha

Muslims around the world will be celebrating Eid Adha in few weeks. You need to figure out how to shop from US this Eid Adha,2020 soon. Eid is all about meeting family and friends, visiting their homes, exchanging sweets and gifts, dressing up, and having family feasts. Since Eid is incomplete without new clothes, there is no compromise on that. All kids expect new toys, video games, and other joyous delights. Another special thing about Eid is how other communities join in to celebrate Eid with their friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Happiness Ed spreads is infinite.

This Eid might not be like any other Eid you’re used to celebrating, this Eid you can’t go out as much as you would like to. But this doesn’t mean you can’t shop as you used to and that you can’t send gifts to your family and friends like you used to. Rather you can stay safe in your home and easily shop from the US, ship to your doorstep. You don’t even need to worry about the tax; Global Shopaholics provide you a free US address you can use at the checkout time. We receive the package for you and making shipping from the USA easy and smooth like never before.  

Gulf Countries Shop Eid Gifts From US 

Eid in Gulf countries is the grandeur; they need the best from the best stores in the US. The tradition of gift-giving in the gulf countries is generous and vastly observed. That is why US stores have prepped well to design Eid Special Gifts you can purchase online to send your loved ones as a token of love. This Eid is particularly suitable to send gifts to your friends and family amidst the COVID-19 and huge gathering restrictions. You can choose any gift from stores like Amazon’ Eid Special Store, and Global Shopaholics can deliver it directly at your friends’ addresses with the most reasonable international shipment charges. You don’t need to worry anymore about how to Shop From US This Eid Adha 2020 and ship to KSA.

Eid Shopping Means Multiple Packages From Multiple Stores 

How to shop from US this Eid Adha is one question but how to manage the multiple shipping is another puzzle. Eid is an event for which you can never shop from a single store. You have to pick clothes from one store, shoes from another and Henna and bangles from a completely different store. This is an online shopping nightmare to shop from multiple stores, pay shipping charges for each package separately, and pay tax on top of it.

Global shopaholics come in Rescue this Eid. You can use a free US mailing address to receive as many packages as you want for up to 180 days of free storage. Global Shopaholics combines all your packages and into a single parcel and you can pay the international shipping charges once. This is the real relief this Eid as you can save so much with this multiple-packages-in-one-parcel offer by Global Shopaholics. Eid shopping can be done while having ice-cream in front of your TV this year with Global Shopaholics.

Shop From US, Ship To KSA

Eid for the women of KSA is all about good skin prep to glow on the Eid and good quality cosmetics to adorn themselves according to their Eid outfits. Women of KSA not only rely on external beauty but also rely heavily on the US for supplements to stay healthy and glow from within. Make sure you don’t give up on the tradition of getting dolled up this Eid. Avail the best offers from the best US cosmetic stores like RMS Beauty, Beauty Blender, Stila Cosmetics, and many more.

While women are busy filling up carts with cosmetics and skincare, men can take this time to update their phones and other electronic devices. Men and women can stay updated electronically and flaunt those phones by taking amazing IG Eid photos. Pick anything and everything you need for this Eid and avail amazing offers on shipping to KSA by Global Shopaholics. You must also read about ou blog on Dos and Don’ts of shipping to Saudi Arabia if you want to do yourself a favour. 

Shop From US, Ship To UAE

Whether it is casual Eid outfits or glam Eid outfits, UAE likes to dress up like no other country. Eid is almost here and US stores are all prepped to meet expectations of people of UAE for Eid. There are amazing collections of eid outfits, jewelry, and bags, sandals, Abayas, fragrances, and gifts on different US stores. UAE’s favorite from the US is Ralph Lauren, Nordstrom, Zulily, Amazon, Colourpop,,, Nike,, NYX Cosmetics, Forever 21, MAC Cosmetics, Anastasia and some other world leaders. In case you’re wondering how to ship products from the USA, all you need to do is use Global Shopaholics. It will get everything you need this Eid from these US stores for you.  

Eid in India

There are about 17 million Muslims in India. This means celebrations on a large scale throughout different states in India on Eid Adha. Indian Muslims love to wear colorful outfits on Eid days and US stores launch their most vibrant Indian traditional dresses in the season. But how to shop from US this Eid Adha, 2020? We have a list of cheap stores you can buy from this Eid. Their Eid is also incomplete without Eid gifts and charity of clothes and other necessities among the poor. This list of amazingly cheap online stores Indians can rely on to purchase essentials like Boohoo, Lelemon, Ruelala, Asos, and American Eagle Outfitters will help you out.

Eid Shopping For Muslims and Non-Muslims Alike

Eid might be observed in Islam but it is celebrated globally. Non-Muslims celebrate with their Muslim friends and experience this occasion of joy, charity, and comradeship together. Therefore, make this Eid special for your Muslim and Non- Muslim friends alike by being inclusive in your celebrations, your gifts, and your love. Global Shopaholics will make this easier for you by shipping your Eid essentials at your doorsteps this Eid.

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