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How to Ship from Amazon to Canada: A Comprehensive Guide by Global Shopaholics.

How to Ship Amazon to Canada

What started as an online marketplace for books has now expanded out to be a hub for merchandise of all niches, name a product and it’ll be there in the category drop-down. Yes, it’s none other than Amazon, founded back in 1994.

Amazon’s headquarters is based in Seattle, Washington USA. Rooting down its base through the American grounds, Amazon USA has the widest range of products available on its storefront.

You’re more likely to find products on Amazon US that wouldn’t be present in Amazon dealings of your local country or anywhere else in the market. American storefronts are known for their exceptional quality and variety of products hereby Amazon being among the e-commerce tycoons tops the list for sure.

Amazon’s pricing is yet another thing that makes people turn their heads; 90% of the buyers would eventually turn to Amazon for a price comparison because it sure does offer economical pricing.

No e-commerce can ever be successful without a well-channeled delivery or shipping service. But the question is “Does Amazon deliver to Canada?”.

The simple answer to this is yes Amazon ship to Canada & offers international shipping but it’s on a limited scale despite the growth it has encountered over the years. Talking of shipping and deliveries, even people living in Canada often face difficulties in getting their hauls shipped to Canada despite being only a border apart.

42% of Canadian households are a buff for Amazon and consider buying regularly, they too sometimes have to encounter some complexities while getting their orders delivered to their shipping address.

Here is a full guide on how to ship Amazon to Canada.

How to ship Amazon to Canada

First of all, Amazon does offer direct deliveries across Canada and even pick-up spot deliveries if you’re based in a comparatively remote area but the good part doesn’t last long. Amazon international shipping to Canada often costs Canadian buyers quite a bit due to the cross-border customs and seller processing charges.

Taking the example of computer processors, buying that might not cost you a lot but shipping it across the border through Amazon costs you more than $800! Whereas freight forwarding companies like Globalshopaholics ship gadgets and other similar equipment starting from $19 only excluding the customs! Adding to this, you need to fulfill a certain number of items to process your international shipping to Canada.

Furthermore, direct deliveries also span over limited regions of the great white North. All these aspects make it difficult to shop from Amazon US and ship to Canada.

Amazon USA has become synonymous with exceptional product quality, variety, and competitive pricing. However, when it comes to shipping to Canada, there are certain complexities that buyers, even within Canada, may encounter. A frequent question people generally ask is;

Does Amazon ship to Canada

Amazon does ship to Canada. However, shipping policies can change, so it’s always a good idea to check the latest information on the Amazon website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date details on shipping to Canada. Remember that certain restrictions or additional fees may be associated with international shipping.

But the best part is that you can always hire a third-party shipping service like Global Shopaholics to buy anything from Amazon USA and ship to Global Shopaholics Warehouse which ultimately forwards your products to your home wherever you live in Canada.

How to Shop from Amazon USA and Ship to Canada:

Shopping from Amazon USA and shipping to Canada involves a straightforward process:

Visit Amazon USA:

Go to the Amazon USA website (

Create an Amazon Account:

If you don’t have an account, create one, and you can use the same account for both Amazon USA and Amazon Canada.

Update Your Shipping Address:

During checkout, enter your Canadian shipping address to ensure accurate delivery. If Amazon doesn’t ship your required products to Canada, then you can add a Global Shopaholics Address.

In the ensuing popup, choose “Manage address book”.

Click “Add Address” to confirm, unlocking the ability to shop seamlessly on Amazon US using your GS USA shipping addresses.

On this page, carefully input your Global Shopaholics shipping address along with ”your unique suite number” which you can obtain by Signing up with GS.

Pay in USD:

Prices will be in U.S. dollars; consider exchange rates and potential bank fees.

Check Import Fees:

Be aware of customs duties, taxes, and other import fees displayed during checkout.

Track Your Shipment:

Receive a confirmation email with tracking information after placing an order.

Receive and Confirm Delivery:

Pay any applicable customs duties and taxes upon delivery in Canada.

How to ship Amazon to Canada with Globalshopaholics?

That’s a simple process that requires a few easy steps and you’re done!

1. Sign up with Globalshopaholics and get a free US address to get all your Amazon products delivered at.

2. Place an order on Amazon and provide the US address given to you by GS, at the checkout.

3. Upon receiving your orders we’ll ship them to you right away at the lowest shipping rates possible!

Shipping Cost:

Globalshopaholics strives to keep shipping fees low. The shipping cost depends on package dimensions, the chosen courier, and shipping speed. Customers can calculate exact shipping costs using the international shipping calculator. Consolidating packages can save up to 80% on shipping costs.

In conclusion, while Amazon does ship to Canada, Globalshopaholics provides an efficient and cost-effective option for Canadian buyers seeking a hassle-free international shopping experience.

How much would the shipping cost?

Globalshopaholocs does everything to keep the shipping fee low for its shippers. You can calculate the exact shipping cost using the shipping calculator. Globalshopaholics collaborates with multiple courier companies to keep the shipping up to the mark.

The total cost of shipping depends on the dimensions of your package and the company you choose for your deliveries. Moreover, it also depends on whether you opt for express shipping or the standard one. Faster deliveries do cost more but save up time, slower deliveries on the other hand are pocket-friendly.

You can also save money on the shipping cost by shipping all your parcels across the border at once. Consolidating the packages will save extra shipping costs. Our customers have saved up to 80% of the shipping cost using the consolidated packaging feature.

For more information on how to shop from US and ship to Canada, you can go through the complete Canada shipping guide. So shop and ship without any doubts with Global Shopaholics!


While Amazon does ship to Canada and offers international shipping, there are complexities and limitations, especially concerning cross-border customs and delivery charges. Even Canadian households, constituting 42% of Amazon’s customer base, sometimes encounter challenges in getting their orders delivered.

While Amazon remains a go-to platform for diverse products, Global Shopaholics serves as a valuable resource for Canadian buyers seeking a seamless and affordable international shopping experience. By following the provided steps and utilizing Global Shopaholics’ services, shoppers can enjoy a hassle-free process of receiving their Amazon products in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy from Amazon US and ship to Canada

Yes, you can buy from Amazon US and have items shipped to Canada. Ensure the product is eligible for international shipping. Be mindful of additional costs, including shipping fees, customs duties, taxes, and import fees. Check Amazon Global for simplified international shipping. Prices are in U.S. dollars, so consider exchange rates and possible bank fees. Freight forwarding services with a U.S. address are an option for more control over the shipping process.

Will Amazon US ship to Canada

Yes, Amazon US does ship to Canada. Canadian customers can place orders on the Amazon US website, and items will be shipped to Canadian addresses. However, it’s essential to be aware of potential additional costs, such as shipping fees, customs duties, taxes, and import fees. Checking the product’s international shipping eligibility and reviewing shipping details during the checkout process is recommended. Keep in mind that specific products may have restrictions on international shipping.

How can I ship Amazon to Canada?

If there is any product on Amazon USA that Amazon does not ship directly to Canada, then you can simply go with a third-party shipping company like Global Shopaholics, which will ship all the products that you want in Canada.