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How To Level Up Your Style This Spring With New Trends

The start of Spring is the perfect time to give your style an upgrade. While stores never miss the chance to explore a new aesthetic as it gets warmer, there seems to be a renewed energy this year, perhaps as a result of the new optimism for the foreseeable end of the pandemic. And if you’re looking to shop and ship from American stores this season, there are plenty of great options to look at.

This year’s Spring/Summer collection is a love letter to pastel colors and cool, breezy materials. There’s also great love for sustainability this year. Retailers really seem to be focusing on ways to make their new additions more environmentally friendly, and some are even revising old classics to give them a great new sustainable makeover. Also, there is more focus on inclusivity than ever, with stores aiming to cater to more body types.

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Here are a few highlights of what the Spring/Summer 2021 fashion looks like.

The ASOS Responsible Denim Collection

Not too long ago, ASOS introduced its new Responsible Denim line of jeans. The entire collection is focused on making denim more environmentally-friendly; it uses much less water and incorporates more responsibly-sourced materials like recycled cotton. According to the company, they’re saving 1255 litres of water for every kilo of recycled denim produced with this new method.

But that’s not the only great thing about the ASOS denim line. The entire collection is more extensive than ever and there’s truly something here for everyone. Inclusivity seems to be a point of importance for several retailers now, which will become clearer as you read ahead. Jeans can be a very specific choice for everyone, and ASOS seems dedicated to providing something for everybody type and preference. You’ll find skinny, wide-leg, bleached, black, shredded, shorts, you name it.

What’s more, ASOS also has a very useful fashion feed on its site that can help you in your search for good options. They cover all sorts of fashion and grooming topics, from style coordination to sustainable trends.

Everlane’s Sporty Summer Look

Everlane’s new summer collection is a nice selection of staple pieces that can fit into anyone’s wardrobe seamlessly. The line is a perfect blend of pastel colors and Nordic style summer looks. You’ll find plenty of blues, beige, navy and olive all around.

Everlane also just introduced its Uniform Sport line, affordable performance wear that’s meant to be long-lasting while staying in style. Pieces in the line are created with what Everlane is calling ReTech fabric: a high-performance blend of moisture-wicking, recycled materials; that’s 85% recycled nylon and 15% recycled elastane.

Everlane is truly focused on sustainability too. They’ve committed to completely phasing out virgin plastic by the end of 2021, using only recycled plastic for packaging, products, poly bags and more. They’re also promising certified organic cotton, replacing dangerous chemicals currently used in the production of cotton with natural alternatives and traditional agriculture techniques.

Forever 21: Inclusive Is In

Body positivity is changing not just how we view our bodies but how businesses include people with different body types too. Forever21 has a section dedicated entirely to plus-sized fashion on their online store. Aptly titled Plus+Curve, the collection features a selection of summer looks that you can love no matter what your size is. There’s everything here from clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and more.

Forever 21 is also doing a Vacation Getaway collection. Set to the theme of a breezy summer vacation, these pieces consist of pastel colors and flowy, breathable summer materials. The post-pandemic anticipation seems to be a running theme across many retailers this season.

Adidas For The New Age

The classic Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, which have been a staple for the brand since their introduction in 1973, are getting a fresh, future-facing redo. But there’s no need to worry if you think the classic kicks will be drastically altered. The change is being made not to how they look, but to how they’re made. Adidas is focused on going green, and the Stan Smith sneakers are where style and sustainability are coming to meet

The shoes will be made with recycled materials, which is a motive the company is generally geared towards across its operations. Adidas has planned to become 100% sustainable by 2024, by replacing all plastic with completely recycled polyester in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint.

Apart from the new green Stan Smiths, Adidas is doing a tie-dye line this season, which may sound odd to hear, but rest assured it looks great. The entire collection is drenched in – you guessed it – pastel hues: all set for the summer. It’s also perfectly affordable, ranging from $25 to $100 at most. You’ll find pieces for warm and cool weather, so whether the Spring season in your area is cooler or not, there’s something for everyone here.

So Here’s What This Summer Is Looking Like

This year’s Spring and Summer collection is all about light summer colors, sustainability and inclusivity. Brands are all aboard the Green train, with several big names leading the way. Also, fashion is more inclusive than it has been in a long time. With all this in mind, now is a better time than ever to restyle your wardrobe too.

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May your Spring be easy, breezy and green!

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