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How to complete your Halloween party essentials checklist from Amazon?

Halloween is almost here; time is running out, and you must finalize the shopping list. Haven’t figured out what you need to buy for the Halloween party? No worries, we will help you form your checklist of Halloween party essentials.

It’s time to complete your shopping lists and start placing orders online. Thanks to the online stores and package forwarding services like Global Shopaholics, you can shop anything from any US online store, and it will be at your doorsteps in less than a week.

Halloween is the most fun party of the year. It is goofy, and people love goofy. It is one occasion meant to be crazy, dress crazy, and dance crazy. To thoroughly enjoy the event, you need to have all the essentials of a Halloween party. Without further ado, let’s get into the list.


Undecorated Halloween is a dull Halloween. It must be the first thing you should take care of. Amazon has fantastic décor supplies for Halloween. They are super affordable and guaranteed to lit up your party. Take your party to the next level with Halloween décor supplies from Amazon, Walmart, and other US-based online stores. Global Shopaholics will ship them for you.

Few Halloween party décor essential are;

  • Blood bags

  • Black and orange clothes

  • Spider webs

  • Coffin

  • Fake insects

  • Spooky lights

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Invitation cards

Join us if you dare. Halloween party invitation cards are fun, and it’s where you can get creative. You can make the Halloween party invites yourself, or if you’re running short on time, you can find thousands of them online. There are several places online, like Walmart, Amazon, Papier, etc. You can place your order, and Global Shopaholics will get them delivered at our warehouse and send them to you as soon as possible. 

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Halloween Themed Drinks and Treats

Buy some marshmallows, dip them in a red jam to create spooky looking treats. Create spooky-looking platters with your favorite candies and chocolates. Here are a few ideas you can use to make easy Halloween-themed food and treats.

  • Eyeball shaped lollipops

  • Cupcakes with teeth on the edges

  • Spider Cookie Truffles

  • Coffin Sandwiches

  • Hats and bats chocolate tarts

  • Witch cupcakes

  • Almond short bears owls

You can get as creative and go overboard as you want. Afterall. It’s Halloween, people. You can choose your best friends, Amazon, and Global Shopaholics, for baking essentials, cupcake holders, trays, and other spooky food supplies.

Amazon has some incredible and spooky trays to serve your snacks; you can check these below.

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Did you even celebrate Halloween if you didn’t carve a pumpkin? It is like the number 1 rule, the number 1 essential of a Halloween party. Get a fully grown pumpkin from a local store and carve it. Bake a cake with the filling. 

But what if pumpkins are not available in your area? In that case, you can add the pumpkin element to your party through the following;

  • Pumpkin fairy lights

  • Pumpkin candles

  • Pumpkin lamps

  • Pumpkin tablecloths and party paper

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Men and women put on makeup to create the look they want at a Halloween party. This makeup can’t be done with daily makeup. It would help if you had new, spooky, and quality makeup to achieve the authentic look without ruining your skin. Some brands have launched their Halloween makeup products you have to check. You can order them online, and we will ship them to you before Halloween if you place your orders today.



Your spooky outfits await you on online stores; get them now. Halloween is about spookiness, don’t ruin it with dull outfits. Go crazy and spooky-fy your Instagram feed in Halloween costume pictures. Here are a few stores you can pick your Halloween costumes from.

You can also go through our blog post if you are looking for Low-Budget Halloween Costumes Ideas For Men(Attach the link of the previous blog)


Party Playlist

Any occasion is incomplete without some music appropriate for the event. The spooky feelings crawl in when you hear those mysterious tunes playing in the background. Don’t forget to collect those songs online and refresh your Halloween playlist. The party will dull down without some hysterical laughs and spooky music. 


  1. Gifts 

This Halloween is going to an intimate gathering with your close friends because of the corona situation. It is an excellent opportunity to give some of your loved one’s gifts and make them feel special in a goofy and spooky way. You can check Etsy; they have launched their Halloween gifts’ collection.

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This was our checklist for Halloween Party Essentials for 2020; what’s yours? Let us know in the comment section if we missed anything. We hope it helped you to put a tick on your incomplete list as well. Enjoy Halloween with your loved ones.

Happy Halloween!


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