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How to Avail Sales Using Package Forwarding Services?

Do you know there are many stores in the US that don’t deliver internationally to customers? This is where package forwarding services come to the rescue. Package forwarding helps you buy from world-renowned international stores from anywhere in the world. These brands include the best online shops like Adidas, Huda Beauty, GAP, Amazon, Best Buy, and many more. 

When using a package forwarding service from the USA, the most usual tip is to shop when there are sales! Grab all those amazing sales and get products at highly discounted prices. Once you are done shopping you can save hefty amounts on shipping costs and products you wouldn’t usually have access to; reach you with global shipping!

How do package forwarding services work?

  • Register With a Reliable Company 

Before purchasing from the US stores, you need to have a US shipping address for the retailers to deliver your items. Different parcel shipping companies offer different registration options. Then there are a few that offer free registration, like Global Shopaholics.

  • Use Your Own US Shipping Address

Once you’re done with the registration and have your US shipping address, you can begin shopping. All you need to do now is fill out all your details and just add your US address where your parcel will be delivered. The retailer will deliver it to the company’s warehouse.

  • Let Them Know About the Delivery

Let your parcel forwarder know that you are done with the online shopping process and about the items you have purchased so that they know when they should expect a delivery from the retailer. Once they get the parcel, they will forward it to you. 

How to save money with Package Forwarding?

  • Save up while Buying From the US

The best part about shopping with a package shipping company is that you can shop with them any time of the year and so you avail as many sales as you want. You can also save up on package storage if you register with a package forwarder that offers a tax-free US address to its customers.

  • Get to Know When the Mega Sales Launch

You can get to know about plenty of mega sales by browsing. Many stores have shared their annual sales charts and when these are to be launched. For instance, Sephora has shared a calendar with all the dates of when they launch their sales so the customers know when they can buy a bunch of items with discounts. 

  • Opt for Package Consolidation

Many package shipping companies offer an option of package consolidation. It allows the customers to get multiple items shipped into one package to save up on shipping charges. This opportunity lets you acquire various sales from different US stores and still save money. 

What to look for when opting for a package forwarding company?

  • Tax-free US Address

When you buy from the US stores, you should look for a tax-free US Shipping Address. Having a tax-free address means that you won’t have to pay any kind of tax for storing your items in the warehouse. There are a select few companies that offer tax-free registration. 

  • Maximum Storage Time

Different companies offer different packages for storing your packages. The maximum time you can get is six months (180 days) to store your packages. Always look for the option of free package storage so you can grab as many sales as you want. 

  • Cheapest Shipping Rates

We understand that international shopping and shipping can be very outrageous, so we would recommend you to look for the service with the cheapest shipping rates. The more you try to save on these in-process services, the more you would likely save on the entire cost of shopping globally.  

  • Trusted Courier Partners

US package shipping companies are usually partnered with well-known courier services like UPS, USPS, DHL, Aramex, and more. These courier services come with different shipping rates. You can also choose how you want your parcel to get shipped.  

US Stores to Your Doorstep

Start shopping! Now that you’ve learned about all the perks you get when you shop with package forwarding companies. Global Shopaholics gives you all these perks when shopping from the US. 

Visit your favorite US stores and grab the items you have been waiting to buy with your tax-free US Address. You can also get to know about your shipping rates with our Shipping Calculator before you start shopping. Register yourself for now!

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