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How to avail of Assisted Purchase for shipping to India?

Are you facing trouble shopping from your favorite shop in the US? Fret not, for we have brought you a solution to the shopping and shipping barriers! That is Assisted Purchase. 

Addressing the shopping and shipping problems brings us to the topic of how hard it can be to get items shipped internationally. Most people only know about the courier option to ship their products. 

But are you aware that it can be costly to ship with a courier company? Package forwarding is easier and cheaper for shipping your packages anywhere in the world. Let us tell you how you can ship your purchases from the US to India, with many benefits. 

Where to begin?

Let’s begin with the basics. Before starting on assisted purchase service, you should learn about package forwarding. Package forwarding is the service that comes with the benefit of the assisted purchase. 

Package forwarding companies help shoppers shop from the international stores by providing them the shipping services. Using package forwarding, you can access all the US stores like Amazon, Target, GAP, Sephora, and more. 

All you have to do to avail of package forwarding is sign up on the website of any package forwarding company and get your US shipping address for them. Now you can begin shopping from international stores with a global delivery address. 

Assisted Purchase for shipping to India

Many package forwarding companies offer additional services that enhance the shipping experience for their customers. Those extra services include assisted purchase, repacking of packages, package consolidation, and more. 

Assisted purchase lets you shop from US stores that aren’t accessible to international shoppers. For instance, if a store refuses to deliver its products to a warehouse location. You will have to go for assisted purchase through a package forwarding company. They will send you a special address to use to deliver your products.

You can also get help through assisted purchase service when a store refuses to accept your debit card for shopping. In this case, the package forwarding company will buy the product for you and ship it to you. All you have to do for that is send them a link to your product!

How to Order Through Global Shopaholics Assisted Purchase?

  1. Sign up on the Global Shopaholics website and select the Assisted Purchase option placed at the left on the dashboard. 

  1. Now you can tap on the button of the assisted purchase at the right side of the page. Then you’ll get a form to fill out to begin the process. 

Shipping From the US to India

If you face the problems mentioned above, we have the best option for you that you can get for shopping and shipping from the US. Global Shopaholics is among the few package forwarding companies that offer reliable and affordable package forwarding services. 

Global Shopaholics can shop on your behalf if you face trouble ordering any product because some stores might not be able to accept your payment method. Just send them the link to your product and add the required deposit to your package forwarding account. And you’re done!