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Just Launched: Global Shopaholics Shopping Integrated Extension that Makes Shopping from Amazon Easier Than Ever!

Our new Global shopaholics’ Shopping browser extension makes it simple to have purchases from the United States delivered to your doorstep – no matter where you reside. As a GS member, you get early access to this incredible new online purchasing option.

How the new Shopping extension works?

Just download our new Chrome tool from the chrome store for free then add items to your Shopping cart as you shop across the Amazon U.S website. 

When you’re done shopping online from Amazon, the total cost of your items is calculated in the Global Shopaholics Shopping cart. Just check out and pay, and your purchases are shipped to you. You can also request for consolidated shipping and all your items will be shipped in one box, which saves you up to 80% on your total shipping cost.

It’s really that simple to get everything you want from Amazon USA! 

Ready to try it? Just go to the Chrome store and download the Globalshop from Amazon Version 1.0.0 to start shopping right away. The Safari download in the Mac App Store is coming soon.

Now is the PERFECT time to download the new Global Shopaholics Shopping extension!

Reasons to download this US shopping extension right now:

  1. You can shop multiple products from Amazon, load up your cart as you shop, and checkout once with the GS Shopping cart.
  2. We bundle your purchases into one efficiently packed box, saving you up to 80% on international shipping versus shipping items overseas one-by-one.
  3. Global Shopaholics offers you different payment methods. 

Steps to follow while shopping from Amazon and using GS plugin

  1. Select your desired items and add to cart.
  2. Click on the extension plugin on the top right corner and your payment page will open.
  3. Pay from your GS wallet or other payment methods that GS offers like bank transfer, bitcoin, paypal etc and checkout.

Ready to start shopping in the U.S. stores you love with even more ease? Download the Chrome extension!

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