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Eid preparations

Eid-ul-Adha is just around the corner, which calls for speedy Eid preparations. Eid is a holy festival observed by the Muslims around the world. The Eid ul Adha is celebrated on the completion of another religious ritual called the ‘Hajj’. Eid is an Arabic word which literally means ‘festival or feast’, hereby the Eid holidays call for major celebrations. Talking of celebrations, no family gathering, feast or festival is complete without a gorgeous outfit, all the essentials to complete the look as well as the gifts!

Eid preparation calls for Eid shopping spree!

The most special thing about this Eid is, family members and friends returning from the pilgrimage are greeted with warmth and joy. They bring blessings along and the awaiting family members present them lots of gifts to celebrate the completion of holy ritual. Everyone tries to do the most for the returning pilgrims and other loved ones, too. Not just are the presents and gifts which make up the integral part of Eid shopping, new clothes, to go with jewelry, shoes and so much more is another chunk which makes up the most of Eid preparation.

The shopping continues till the last date but obviously its in full swing considering that Eid is in a few days. With everybody trying to create the best look on Eid and getting the finest stuff for gifting, brings with it a global retailing frenzy. US stores sure have the best merchandise to buy from. A lot of people would want to complete their Eid shopping hauls by piling up the top quality products from US stores online. Eid sales are another most awaited event for the shopaholics. For Muslims and non-Muslims alike, this is the best time you can get your hands on the most hyped retail.

A short Eid shopping guide


No Eid is complete without day- relevant outfit, glittering jewelry and of-course makeup that’s on fleek! For getting the dress and all the accessories that match, you got to visit a store which deals in all essentials. Well, the good thing is that the top US brands are an all rounder when it comes to clothing and other accessories. Go to nine-west, Nike, Kate Spade, Forever21, Guess, Gucci and The North Face etc for purchasing the couture of your choice, this Eid.


US merchandise sure holds a share in being the best! Since you would already be making list for what to buy for whom this festive season, we have some suggestions for you. Try getting something of the other’s interest such as if the family has more children, you could get them board games or gaming devices or consoles to place the gaming equipment on. For all the lovely ladies of the family, a suitable skincare range and top notch cosmetics from Sephora are a good option as, good skin is always in.

For the lads, vintage polos, active-wear, leather goods and other related things are excellent options for gifting. Other alternatives for gestures include, small furniture pieces, stylish decoration or even items from IKEA would do great! Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Best buy are your go-to places. The mentioned stores have the widest range of products available and the most affordable rates in the US market. Get going on the shopping, Let Global Shopaholics take care of the shipping!

Explore more about what more to buy and from where with Globalshopaholics!

International Shipping from US stores

Most popular US brands either do not offer international shipping or it costs way too much that you’ll eventually want to give up on your long-adored merchandise and compromise. At other times, the shipping procedure involves such complex steps that a common man is unable to process and understand. In such a case there ought to be an alternative. Don’t ponder too much, the solution is right below! Scroll down to see how you can shop from US for the Eid preparations and ship globally.

Shop from US ship internationally with Global Shopaholics

Who wouldn’t love shopping from the US stores this Eid but many folks stay back due to shipping hassles that come with it. The time of complex international shipping is now gone! Global Shopaholics has been a revolution in the international shipping. GS goes above and beyond for making over seas shipping easier for its shippers.

Global Shopaholics is a package forwarding company that ships worldwide, that too in cheapest rates. You can shop from any US store online and ship to your home country with Global Shopaholics, this Eid! Enjoy your festivities with the top-of-the-line products and Eid sales from US store-fronts. Just follow some simple steps to join the GS community and start shipping!

1. Sign-up to join the Global Shopaholics family, get a tax free US address

2. Shop your Eid essentials from any US store online and get them delivered at the US address

3. We’re all set to receive your packages and ship them to you, internationally!

4. Get ready to receive your packages ta your doorstep and slay!

How much does shipping with Global Shopaholics cost?

Global Shopaholics makes sure to keep the shipping cost low, you’ll surely find the rates lower than other shipping companies. To know the exact shipping cost for your packages, You can refer to our shipping calculator. Just go and select the product category you want to ship, add the weight and dimensions of the package and let the calculator do the job

Global Shopaholics have various courier partners for package forwarding around the world. Each company offers different shipping prices and delivery times. Each of them further have the option of standard shipping and express shipping. You can choose the shipping deal which suits your pocket. Express delivery takes less time but may cost more whereas standard deliveries may take longer but are lighter on the pocket!

Consolidate your packages and save a bunch!

Eid calls for buying more from different sellers! If you’re ordering different products from different US stores which may get delivered at the warehouse at different times, that’s totally fine. Global Shopaholics renders you the option of shipping all at once. Consolidating your packages into a composed single packaging can save you quite a few dollars. Separate shipping will of course cost you more! So keep your packages coming until you are done. We’ll wrap and pack all your parcels together carefully and ship to save you some extra for your next virtual Eid shopping trip. Shop from any US store this Eid and ship to wherever you are in the world, here’s how!

Hey, shopaholic shop till you drop and get the most out of your Eid preparations!

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