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Eid preparations

Eid-ul-Adha is just around the corner, which calls for speedy Eid preparations. Eid is a holy festival observed by the Muslims around the world. The Eid ul Adha is celebrated on the completion of another religious ritual called the ‘Hajj’. Eid is an Arabic word which literally means ‘festival or feast’, hereby the Eid holidays call for major celebrations. Talking of celebrations, no family gathering, feast or festival is complete without a gorgeous outfit, all the essentials to complete the look as well as the gifts!

Eid preparation calls for Eid shopping spree!

The most special thing about this Eid is, family members and friends returning from the pilgrimage are greeted with warmth and joy. They bring blessings along and the awaiting family members present them lots of gifts to celebrate the completion of holy ritual. Everyone tries to do the most for the returning pilgrims and other loved ones, too. Not just are the presents and gifts which make up the integral part of Eid shopping, new clothes, to go with jewelry, shoes and so much more is another chunk which makes up the most of Eid preparation.

The shopping continues till the last date but obviously its in full swing considering that Eid is in a few days. With everybody trying to create the best look on Eid and getting the finest stuff for gifting, brings with it a global retailing frenzy. US stores sure have the best merchandise to buy from. A lot of people would want to complete their Eid shopping hauls by piling up the top quality products from US stores online. Eid sales are another most awaited event for the shopaholics. For Muslims and non-Muslims alike, this is the best time you can get your hands on the most hyped retail.

A short Eid shopping guide


No Eid is complete without day- relevant outfit, glittering jewelry and of-course makeup that’s on fleek! For getting the dress and all the accessories that match, you got to visit a store which deals in all essentials. Well, the good thing is that the top US brands are an all rounder when it comes to clothing and other accessories. Go to nine-west, Nike, Kate Spade, Forever21, Guess, Gucci and The North Face etc for purchasing the couture of your choice, this Eid.


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