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Does NZXT Ship to Australia?

Are you looking to build your next dream computer but not sure where to get started? Well, you are in luck because NZXT is the place to get your hands on the best machines. 

Most gamers enjoy building things from scratch. NZXT is the store where you can customize your PC or even get prebuilt PCs. It’s an exceptional service that has existed in America for a long time now, letting customers build their PC based on price point.

If you are not familiar with NZXT it is an online store for PC gamers and builders based in the United States. For the PC gaming industry, the online store has a catalog with various computer cases, components, and accessories. NZXT has served 50,000 clients in the United States alone.

Does NZXT Ship to Australia?

Although NZXT gives limited time offers for its Australian customers you cannot get anything and everything you love anytime you want.

NZXT doesn’t ship its products internationally except to Canada. People in Australia don’t have direct access to their services. But there still are options that you can avail to get NZXT delivered to anywhere in the world including Australia.

How to Get NZXT products to your doorstep in Australia

There are plenty of great options for global shoppers to shop products from the US stores and ship internationally. Essentially, the basic package forwarding services allow shoppers all around the world to shop and ship amazing products and deals.

If you are from Australia and looking to build your next gaming or mining computer using products available at NZXT you are facing a hiccup. This is where the package forwarding becomes your saviour. You can avail of the package forwarding service to get those products shipped to your doorstep. 

Step 1SignupRegister for your tax-free US Shipping address at our website.
Step 2 – ShopBuild your dream computer at NZXT and place your order using the US address we provide you. You can also shop from as many stores as you like across the US.
Step 3 – ShipWe will ship your custom gaming wizard machine to your doorstep.

Some Extra benefits

Global Shopaholics team will ensure your package’s content are un-damaged. We also repack to shred shipping weight in order to save costs. However, in the case of fragile items, we also offer extra padding to our customers.

  • Equipment testing – You can take the optional equipment testing service to make sure your computer is working a-okay.
  • Insurance – When you opt for insurance you make sure that your investment is safe and secure all the way.
  • Detailed Item Photos – We can also provide detailed photos of your product after it arrives at our facility.
  • Returns – In case of any trouble, we can return your order back to NZXT. Note: You will have to check their return policy before making an order.

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