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Does eBay ship to china

China the world’s leading economy holds the largest share in e-commerce across the globe. The internet penetration has reached up to 73%, this clearly indicates how and why the e-commerce trend has been continuously growing in China. China shares 50% of the total transactions of the world. Its online retail transactions reached $2.29 trillion in 2020 with almost 710 million buyers. 

Despite having its own established and polished online retail platforms, many Chinese people still turn to eBay for buying American merchandise. Amidst TaoBao, Alibaba, and many more, eBay has still found its worth through the Chinese market. With locally available quality retail and easy deliveries, eBay has tough competition keeping in view the shipping. 

Is eBay shipping available in china?

eBay does ship to china. eBay offers two kinds of shipping, a standard one and that included in the Global Shipping program. The Global Shipping Program eligibility requires a standard rating if you’re a seller. Moreover, the shipping isn’t exactly direct. It consists of a channel of transporters, there’s always a risk of losing the merchandise after it exits the eBay delivery. 

Why does eBay shipping cost a pretty penny?

International shipping includes not only the processing fee, and the price of the product but also the custom duties. eBay charges a flat customs fee on every product rather than charging average customs duty on the package. This practice spikes up the overall shipping cost. 

What is the alternative shipping option available?

Globalshopaholics is a freight forwarding company that ships to almost all the regions of the world. So if you’re looking for a good shipper to ship your eBay haul to china, Globalshopaholics definitely is your go-to option! All you need to do to start shipping with GS is

  1. Sign Up with no registration fee a tall 

  1. Order from eBay and get your parcels delivered at the US address provided to you by GS
  2. Once it is delivered, Globalshopaholics will ship your package to you in no time!

Why Globalshpaholics?


Ebay’s standard shipping takes up to 15 days! While delivering internationally in china whereas Globalshopaholics takes 2-5 days. Additionally, Globalshopaholics lets you choose your shipping deal yourself. It depends whether you consider money over time or time over money. Slower delivery methods could save you a bunch of money, it’s just they take more time

Shopping assistance

Often there’s a situation where a certain vendor or the seller does not accept a payment method or is hesitant to deliver the package at the warehouse, due to scam attempts. In such a situation Globalshopaholics lets its valued shippers use the assisted purchase option. Globalshopaholics takes away all the encounters, places an order on your behalf, and ships it to you as soon as it reaches the warehouse. 

Free of cost services

The chance to become a part of GS family is a total fortune for you because there’s no registration fee at all! Moreover, Consolidated packaging of your parcels can save you some for sure, our package handlers are total experts at consolidating your merchandise. You can save up to 80% of the shipping cost with shipping consolidated packages.

Even if you purchase from multiple vendors and they deliver your parcels at the warehouse at different times, they will safely sit at our warehouse for as long as 180 days till you give us a green signal for shipping them to you. You can also ask for HD photos of your delivery, to be sure of the quality and to cross confirm if it’s the same thing you ordered. 

Responsive customer service

Many shipping services leave their customers wondering about the ambiguities laying in the shipping process. Globalshopaholics on the other hand have one of the most devoted customer support which assists the shipper at every step and clear their concerns on priority. Complete information is available with the representatives so if you have any doubts occurring at any of the steps, you can right away turn to customer care which is live all the time!

A complete user experience

Globalshopaholics not just focuses on providing top-of-the-line services but also is very focused on giving its online visitors the best user experience. The GS website is very user-friendly and comes fully equipped with country guides! So if you’re looking for a complete shipping guide for shipping to China from the US, you can refer to Shipping to China with Globalshopaholics

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