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Does Amazon Ship To Poland?

Amazon: an e commerce giant

What was originally an online marketplace for books has now turned out to be the most successful e-commerce platform. The reason why customers tend to incline towards amazon more than any other e-commerce storefront is that, amazon makes the broadest range of product available to its customer. The wide selection of products makes the shopping experience easier for the customer. The customer doesn’t have to run her and there for fulfilling its product needs, amazon is a one-stop-shop for almost every essential.

Customers get to fulfill their needs at a single store rather than going in between many. The variation in the product variety makes the selection easier. This way people tend to stay with amazon for longer times as they get to find products of every niche. The online stores were not considered very credible back in the times. Amazon won hearts globally with its authentic dealing and services.

Amazon’s International shipping

Amazon does offer an international shipping to over 100 countries of the world and various regions too. However, the product category available in various countries depends on many factors. Hereby, before you choose to ship internationally with Amazon, you need to make sure of a few things. The merchandise you’ve selected to purchase is available for shipping to your home country or not. The vendor selling the products deals in your home region or not. A few other concerns like these hurdle the Amazon’s smooth international shipping.

Does Amazon ship to Poland?

There’s no clear understanding of whether or not Amazon ships to Poland. With limited international Amazon shipping, all thoughts are up for direct shipping and its availability. Hereby the door-to-door international shipping in Poland by Amazon is clearly another point of concern. Amazon does not directly ship to Poland. The limited shipping options amazon offers in Poland includes expensive shipping rates. The shipping rates might even exceed the amount of your total purchase.

How to buy from Amazon US and ship to Poland?

Amazon takes up an estimated share of 1.3% of the total Polish e-commerce. Amazon has gained enough popularity in Poland which can’t be questioned at all. The increasing rate of retail has led Polish customers to look for alternative shipping methods to that of Amazon. To shop from Amazon and ship to Poland is no difficult job, not anymore! Global Shopaholics, a package forwarding company, has made it easier for you to ship amazon purchases to Poland. No costly shipping, no shipping hassles and easy shipping is what GS is offering.

How to ship amazon products with Global Shopaholics?

Global Shopaholics renders you the chance to buy anything and everything from Amazon US online and ship to Poland. GS takes away all the shipping complexities on its own and offers you simple international shipping. The process of shopping and shipping with Global Shopaholics begins here, just follow the steps below and you’re done!

  • 1. Sign up with Global Shopaholics, get a free US address

  • 2. Shop from amazon and provide the US address

  • 3. Your packages will be delivered at our warehouse, where you can ask for HD photos of your purchase and then submit an approval for shipping

  • 4. GS ships at a click! 

How shipping to Poland is easy with GS?

Consolidated packaging – Amazon has the widest range of items on the display, you’d definitely want to buy a lot in one go. When the shopping tour goes about in one go, why not the shipping should, too? Let’s say you buy products of different categories coming from various sellers but you also want to ship to Poland at once. GS has the perfect solution for you! Global shopaholics lets you consolidate your items into a single compact packaging and ship in one go. This feature has saved our customers 80% of the shipping cost.

Trusted Shipping partners – Are you being reluctant to try a new shipping company for your international shipping to Poland? Well, no need! Global Shopaholics partners up with well known and trusted courier deliverers like FedEx and DHL. The renowned courier companies, hereby serve as a great partner for GS too due to their on time deliveries.

180 days free warehouse storage – If you’re thinking of buying from multiple sellers at amazon and their delivery times vary, you don’t need to stress out. Global Shopaholics lets you store your packages at the warehouse for 180 days without any charges. So, you can ship all your purchases altogether when all of them get delivered at the warehouse.

Shipping cost for shipping amazon products to Poland

The shipping cost can be calculated using the shipping calculator. Anybody who accesses the website can get a quote for their shipping. Simply select the item from the product category and add the dimensions as well as the weight of your package/product to view the complete shipping rates. GS’s courier partners have different shipping rates depending on your destination and the time of delivery.

Here’s your chance to get your hands on the best buys from Amazon and ship to Poland safe and secure with Global Shopaholics!

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