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Cool Tech Gifts On Amazon Under $100

The USA is one of the leading countries in the world of tech, with some of the most modern technological advancements originating on its grounds. Our shopaholics are always eager to get their hands on the latest gadgets from affordable online US stores. Amazon takes the lead in this, being one of the American stores that not only offers electronic products at the most reasonable rates, but also has some amazing discounted deals going on year-round. The best part is where Global Shopaholics steps in: to safely deliver your gadgets to your doorstep with its worldwide parcel forwarding services.   

Here are some cool gifts that you can get from Amazon under $100:

  • TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds | $49

In today’s world that is bustling with activity, music plays a vital part in slowing it down and get you some peace of mind. This product gives you the best musical experience with its multiple advanced features. Its touch controls are one of a kind, allowing you to increase & decrease volume, take calls, and switch between songs, all with a simple touch! It also comes with a wireless charging case and built-in mic, making it even more user-friendly. Cherry on top: this chic pair of earbuds is waterproof! Gift it to a music-lover and watch them beam!

This fancy item is all about precision, style, and versatility. With the Apple Pencil, you can do wonders on your iPad. Not only does it make writing a lot more convenient and faster, but you can also showcase your artistic skills more beautifully. Its compactness and light weight make it handy. This product can be a great gift for anyone with a busy office schedule or a student who could use some speedy notetaking. You can also gift it to an artistic friend and watch them fondly doodle all day long! Get yours via our USA package forwarding


  • Yootech Wireless Charger | $12.99

It is the era of getting rid of all sorts of wires! This primarily applies to chargers, because they are needed to keep almost all of your gadgets running, and it would be great if you do not have to detangle them every time your phone runs out of battery.  Getting this efficient product can make this possible! It is compatible with the latest Apple and Samsung phones. It also has the unique feature of being sleep-friendly. This tech device can be gifted to anyone that you care about to make their everyday life a lot more convenient!

  • Fitbit Inspire | $98.96

Know a loved one who is a fitness freak? Well, this is just the perfect gift for them! Anyone who is conscious about their health and fitness would definitely appreciate the advanced functions of this fitness tracker band, which include 24/7 heart rate tracking, along with all other physical activities. You can even keep track of the calories burnt and your sleep cycle! All these incredible features come with great comfort and style, as well as 5 days of battery life! It really cannot get any better than this for a fitness fan, so gift it to one right away! 

  • OontZ Bluetooth Portable Speaker | $24.99

We started this list with music and are ending it on a melodious note, too! While the first product was more about a personal experience, this one enables you to take the party wherever you go! The latest volume booster on this device makes it perfect for outdoor parties. It also has an amazing 100-foot Bluetooth range, making it incredibly convenient to use. Its long battery life makes sure that the party does not stop early! So, gift it to anyone who loves to party and watch them have the best time of their life!


Now that you know exactly what cool gifts to get for your loved ones from Amazon, what are you waiting for? Surprise them right away! Make sure to seal the deal with Global Shopaholics to get your precious purchases safely, timely, and affordably delivered to your doorstep. Enjoy a free US address for shipping! Happy shopping and shipping!

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