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Cheapest shipping to japan from usa

The Cheapest Way to Ship to Japan

Finding the cheapest shipping to Japan is critical when looking to break into the country’s robust eCommerce market. Here’s how Global Shopaholics can help!

Japan is a well-established eCommerce market with several opportunities for online retailers.

Finding the lowest shipping to Japan, on the other hand, might be difficult. This is because the cheapest shipping costs to Japan are frequently provided by local and regional carriers. As a domestic merchant, you may not know where to hunt for these couriers and so overlook these discounts.

Global Shopaholics developed a free tool to assist you in locating the lowest shipping to Japan. Our free shipping calculator provides you with up-to-the-minute quotes from every worldwide courier service that covers Japan. In other words, this application collects the lowest prices to Japan from all of the leading couriers to make the process of finding the best rates easier.

In general, the cheapest shipping rates take the longest to be delivered. If saving money is your priority, look for economic rates from shipping companies like USPS, FedEx, and regional shippers in Japan.

On average, economy shipping to Japan takes between 7-15 business days. You can pay for express delivery and get your package there in 1-2 days.

The Cheapest Way to Ship to Japan

Shipping costs are determined by a handful of factors. The distance to delivery is most important, and your speed of delivery can sway the price a lot as well. However, aside from delivery distance, the factors that must decide what you pay for shipping are package weight and size.

Package weight: It costs more to ship heavy items. You can remove excess packaging from your shipments to get the best rate.

Package size: Couriers like USPS charge more for shipping large and irregularly-shaped boxes. Using standard boxes of the smallest size possible will save you money on shipping.

Let’s use our shipping calculator to compare rates by weight. First off, here are the prices for sending our 2-pound package from LA to Kyoto.

International Shipping to Japan

International shipping is more complex and costly than domestic shipping, and Japan is no exception. There are two reasons for this: customs duties and taxes, and customs paperwork.

Global Shopaholics has the solution!

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