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Photography has revolutionized all around the world with the tech revolution in place and it has groomed itself into one of the most important industries on the planet. In a world where visual mediums are everything, a good camera is a gateway.

With the most important shopping event of the year Black Friday coming up, it’s only natural to find the internet flooded with slash discounts on cameras and other photography/videography equipment. While there are hundreds of brands that sell top-quality cameras around the world, there is little that competes with Nikon, Canon, and Sony.

In the camera category, Amazon, Target, and Walmart haven’t come up with a lot of great deals this season. Although, if you really wanna know, Best Buy is the secret spot for amazing black Friday camera deals right now. And according to the trends, Dual lens kits are all the rage.

The best deal on the internet so far: the D7500

The best black Friday camera deal on the internet so far and by far is the Nikon D7500. The dual lens kit on sale will save you a mind-numbing $500! For a deeper insight into the camera, read yourself a nice review for all the specifications. But for action shooters, the shutter speed on this gadget alone is enough to make you jump at the insane opportunity.

The D5600: A photographer’s best friend:

Although it is nowhere near the same as the D7500 in terms of discounts, the D5600 is also a hot topic in photography circles right now. The discount offered is $200, which is still an amazing discount compared to its usual price. As per online reviews, it is one of the best DSLR step-ups available.

The Nikon D3500 bundle: A deal to NOT miss

Originally priced at $1,299, is being given away at $529, crediting you with over $770 on this outstanding Nikon D3500 DSLR, armed with a flashlight, a sturdy tripod, a 128GB memory card, filters, and much more. If you need to start with a great camera, this is the deal you need to click on right away. At 5Frames Per Second, it’ll start you off great and prepare you for the next round!

The mighty Nikon Z 6 bundle:

At 24.5 Megapixels and a crystal Ultra HD 4K video, the Z6 is a hot one. Complete with an FTZ adaptor, XQD card, and bag, all for the price of $1,696.95, saving you a whopping $546, there are lesser bargains in the world as great as this one. The amazing full-frame mirror-less Nikon Z6 camera comes with an FTZ mount adaptor (which allows you to use your old F-mount lenses on the new Z-mount body). The online photography inventory B&H and other warehouses have coupled the bargain with a camera bag, adding an invaluable Sony 32GB XQD memory card. All in all, that’s over $500 off the selling price! According to the creators themselves, the camera is the most ‘adaptable’ camera they’ve ever created.

The Nikon D500: for the big boys

Although it isn’t much of a bargain considering its predecessors, the deal has attracted attention nevertheless with a $200 slash, which is still a great discount considering that it’s the major league, at $1,496.95. The D500 is for professional wildlife and nature photographers. The clarity of its 4K Ultra HD video is incomparable. At 20.9 Megapixels, 10 frames per second continuous shooting, and ISO ranging between 100-51,200, the Nikon D500 is no toy to be taken lightly.

How do these gadgets get to you?

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