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Athleisure Clothing: 7 US Stores You Need To Try

Athleisure clothing is exactly what the name refers to – athletic and leisure clothing in one. It reflects the modern day preference for multi-tasking in terms of fashion.

A few years ago, you could easily tell athletic people in a crowd. Anyone who would appear in a sports attire meant it was gym time. But as the years have gone by, comfort has been everyone’s top priority. Back then sweat shirts, sweatpants or even gym gear from Rise only served one purpose, but now everything has changed.

Sportswear fashion saw the trend of functionality becoming the new norm, and filled the demand with athleisure clothing. Sportswear from a branded name or a small name, the odd mix of gym leggings with a jumper is now the style and heart for everyone. 

Today’s sportswear has filled the wardrobe of teenagers to older beings who like to work and keep things moving throughout the day. To fill the urge and desire of athleisure clothing, every store is coming up front to bring up top sportswear, in better and comfortable style. 

The trend of sportswear fashion is seeing a notable rise in the US. You can also enjoy these trends no matter where you are living with international shipping services of Global Shopaholics. 

Below we have gathered some US sportswear companies from where you can shop online men and women sportswear and ship it to your country with package forwarding services of Global Shopaholics.


Are you looking for activewear for a busy life? Varley’s stunning pieces are crafted to provide style, durability and performance. 

Their designs are contemporary and come in versatile colors which not only provides a modern stylish look but also offers outstanding support at the gym. 

The best thing about this sportswear store is that their products are made out of recycled products. So each product you buy is sustainable and will help the environment.  

They offer leggings, sports bra, jackets, high waisted leggings, t-shirts, crop leggings and so many more options to pick from. 

Varley might not ship internationally to your country but it doesn’t mean you can’t order from them. With package forwarding services of Global Shopaholics, you can shop online any women and men sportswear all the way from the US and ship to your country. 

Varley also provides free shipping to every order placed within the US. So use this chance to get the cheapest shipping from the US.

Beyond Yoga:

Joggers and cropped tanks are now not limited for gym days but for chilling and running errands as well. 

Comfort and stylish athleisure clothing is trending and brands are taking advantage of it. At Beyond Yoga, you can find loungewear, gym leggings, pocket bottoms, midi leggings, sweatpants, one piece, bras, tank tops and so much more. 

One place to get your comfort fix from. They use material that you can’t get enough from, it’s so soft and colors that gives you peace by just looking at it.  

They also offer a wide variety of  maternity athleisure clothing for women. 

Shop top sportswear from Beyond Yoga and ship with Global Shopaholics. 

Sweaty Betty:

Sweaty Betty is an activewear and lifestyle brand for women. You’ll get sports attire for wellness, movement, style or travel, perhaps one place to get it all. 

Sweaty Beauty is not only an athleisure clothing store, but also a brand that lets you be confident in your body. The leggings and sports bras aren’t going to show themselves how powerful they are unless put on a body that’s confident. A body that accepts the flaws and shows them with assurance that each body is beautiful and acceptable.

Whether you want good quality workout gym leggings for women or a deadlift sportswear, you can find everything here. 


A comfortable and contemporary style sports attire that’s not just limited to the mat. Alo is a US online store that wants to spread goodness by making yoga common. 

A beautiful life spread with forward design is how Alo likes to move forward. This is the place where luxury meets performance each time an item is made. A daily-go-to piece of clothing that doesn’t stop for sports or gym but is also chosen for street style fashion.  

They offer an extensive list of items for loungewear, streetwear, and sports attire for both men and women. 

Many celebrities are seen wearing Alo on streets because of it being a go-to clothing for everywhere. 

Along with athleisure clothing, they also offer fitness gear like yoga mat, bags, home essentials etc. You can check more items on their website and shop online top quality sportswear all the way from the US. 

Carbon 38:

Carbon 38 caters for women who are looking for stylish workout clothes. The site offers high end fashion and sports attire. 

A brand that is made to provide females the most stylish, powerful and feminine feel to her wardrobe. This sportswear company doesn’t only want to enhance the performance of women in the gym but acts as collaborators and creators for high accomplishment in her life. 

Considering the demands and trends about today’s sportswear, Carbon 38 aims to provide a supremely stylish and functionally driven wardrobe. 

You will find a vast variety of items on their website, including gym workout leggings, tank tops, bottoms, sports bra, dresses, jumpsuits, tie dye and so much more for women . They also offer branded sportswear on their site. 

Outdoor Voices:

Feel strong, confident and ready to start #DoingThings with Outdoor Voices. If you are looking for clothing for running, hiking, gyming, any type of sports or even just for a walk, OV would be the right place to get them. 

They have every piece you wish to have for specific workouts, high speed activities, a sweaty recreation, or even for freeform movement. Even if you are trying to do a low impact workout, they have women’s warm up kits for cool temps made out of textured compression fabric. 

They offer tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories for men and an extensive list of other items for women’s athleisure clothing. 

Along with other sportswear, this US store also offers women kits. The OV Kits are made in shape sculpting materials and are designed for any adventure you would like. 

It’s time you sweat in confidence! 


Lululemon has been in the market before athleisure clothing was even a thing. It helped introduce sportswear fashion to the market through their high- quality trendy yoga pants that pretty much everyone fell in love with.  

Lululemon has expanded their line from gym workout leggings to other activewear for both women and men.

Basic sports and gym attire like tank tops, leggings, crop tops, tees, sports bra etc are all available on their website along with trail and hiking apparel. 

Not only for running, women from every age love their soft and silky feel leggings for hiking, yoga, training or high-impact exercises.

This sportswear company can give you both elegance and comfort no matter what the occasion.  

Today’s sportswear is chic and stylish and everyone wants to invest into long lasting, high quality athleisure clothing. This sportswear fashion trend gives people to mix and match their wardrobe options regardless of age, time or place. 

Almost every store mentioned above does not provide international shipping directly outside the US. But with package forwarding services of Global Shopaholics, it’s not the case anymore. 

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