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Amazon Prime Day: The Best For Less

With the Prime Day dates confirmed by Amazon, 21st and 22nd June 2021, It’s finally time to fill your carts. Do you think you can avail the best offers and great discounts on this day?

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What is Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is an event which is exclusive for Amazon Prime members where they can avail the biggest sale of the year. It’s like Christmas time but early, a two-day event where you can get amazing discounts on many products.

Prime Day is held in July as a mid-season sale. Last year, because of the circumstances, Prime Day was held on October 13th and 14th, and this year it will be held in June. 


Types of Deals

Amazon offers an exceptional amount of Prime Day deals on this two-day event yet still they are classified into categories. Getting to know about these deals beforehand will make it easier for you to get what you want. Amazon has started the offers beforehand. Check out the discounts before the Prime Day and add them to your cart.


Prime Day spotlight deals: These are remarked as one of the best selling deals on Prime Day as they run out very quickly. And they are only offered till they run out of stock so you need to act fast and get your hands on it.


Amazon Prime Day lightning deals: These deals are not new on Amazon and they run very quickly as well. In addition to Prime Day, these deals last for some hours at a time.


Prime savings and deals: These deals last the Prime Day all the way until they run out. Make sure to check these ones out for additional offers and deals, and not miss out on anything.


Shopping Without A Prime Membership

How will you be able to avail the discounts of Prime Day if you don’t have Prime membership and Prime subscription? It’s pretty easy. Choose what you want to buy and let your shopping assistant purchase it for you by Global Shopaholics. This way you won’t need a subscription and you won’t miss your favorite deals on this day. Check out the deals on Amazon before Amazon Prime Day and start filling your cart. What are you waiting for!


Supporting Small Businesses On Amazon Prime Day

Last year during the pandemic, Amazon wanted to show support for small businesses and they offered free credit to people who bought from them.It seems like this is becoming a tradition for Amazon. This year too they are offering $10 free credit to those who spend $10 on small business before the Prime Day. So make sure to check their products out and buy from them to avail free credit on the best offers on Prime Day.


Top 5 Best Deals 2021 On Amazon Prime Day

Every year Amazon offers great deals on Prime Day. Like last year this year it is expected that Amazon will offer excellent prices on the latest Echo devices, Fire tablets and Amazon owned brands like Ring, Blink and Eufy.


10th Generation Laptops


Get this Acer Chromebook spin 311 convertible laptop with 48% discount price at $259.04.

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TV DEALS: Fire enabled models and cheaper TLC and Hisense screens


Get this Hisense 40 inch Class H55 Series Android Smart TV with voice remote with 9% save at $228.0

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APPLE: iPad, iPad Air 4, M1 Macbooks


Get 2020 Apple iPad Air Pro 4th generation 64 GB with 8% at 549.99.

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Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite


Get this Kindle Paperwhite 8 GB with its essentials with amazing 10% discount at $169.97

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Robot Vacuums


Buy this Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C with 24% discount at $227.92.

PRO TIP: Get a personal shopping assistant to get your new vacuum for you by going here.


How to find the best Prime Day deals

  1. Amazon Prime subscription: To enjoy these amazing offers, you first need to have an Amazon Prime subscription or Prime Membership. But it’s no problem if you don’t have a Prime subscription, you can use the Shopping Assistant offered by Global Shopaholics and avail the best offers and discounts without the actual Prime membership or Prime subscription.
  2. Know what you want to buy: Nobody likes to rush shopping. Do your homework before the event. Look up for what you want and keep on checking on it till the Prime Day. Or use the assisted purchase option and let your assistant do the work for you.
  3. Get in there early: Get on to shopping at Amazon Prime and get your spirits together early to avail the offers before you lose the best. The offers before the Prime Day are also worth trying so get to the shopping on Amazon before the crazy days and avail what you can beforehand.


Added Benefits

Having a Prime membership not only gives you the benefits of Prime Day on products or services, it also gives discounts on food as well. For example, last year Amazon gave $10 credit to spend on Prime Day to those members who spent $10 on Amazon Whole Foods. Prime members also get exclusive food discounts.

Shop And Ship Now

Now that you have planned everything, you must be thinking it’s all a dream to shop from the USA as Amazon doesn’t deliver to your country.

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Table of Contents
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