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Aldo Holiday Sale: Fresh New Arrivals

Take heed, shopaholics! The Holiday shopping season has arrived! Aldo has offered up to 15% off as part of the Holiday Sale on their new arrivals section! So this holiday season, enjoy the unique and chic design from Aldo with discounted prices and enjoy your Christmas.

Aldo has been in the lead for fashion footwear for five decades now. It offers versatile and affordable shoes, bags, and accessories. This is why Aldo is the top choice for so many, mainly when it comes to sophisticated and trendy footwear.

Aldo’s unique and stylish designs have attracted celebrities for years too. Aldo’s designs are pliable according to the demands of their customers; that is how it has been at the forefront for so long. This winter, they have launched designs that show the same comfort, style, and versatility.  

Their sale section is divided into Women’s and Men’s items. Both categories have different varieties of boots, sneakers, handbags, sandals, flats, and accessories. Basically a lot of fantastic footwear options! The distinctive designs that Aldo offers for their bags, footwear, and accessories are the reason why people love to shop from them and wait for their new stock. Below are some of our favorite articles from the store that are on the holiday sale. Check out the items and ship internationally with Global Shopaholics!

The Aldo Holiday Sale For Women


In the boots section, you’d find different styles of boots for winters. They have Statement-making mid-calf Chelsea, slip-on ankle boots, knee-high boots, combat boots, ankle boots with block heels, and suede ankle boots. These cool boots would be a great gift for your best friend for the winters, so now with Global Shopaholics to get them shipped anywhere around the world!

 Prae                                    Taeldan                           Kaelleflex                        Kaelleflex


In the Sneaker’s section, you would find the classic kicks, slip-on sneakers, chunky wedge sneakers, jogger sole sneakers, knit slip-on sneakers, and wedge sneakers with gold prints. All the cool and new designs to gift your fitness enthusiast friend!

Jerili                                 Glow                                Dwiedia                           Gi                             


In the handbags section, you will find Totes, luxe crossbody bags, quilted top handle bags, woven hobo bags, compact crossbody bags, tortoiseshell box clutch, nail polish-shaped crossbody bags, and hands-free bags. Style your outfits this winter with these pretty handbags by Aldo. You can pair these simplistic and sophisticated bags with any outfit!

Cityverse                            Treskerbyy                   Treskerbyy                     Andressera


In the accessories section, you will find zip-around wallets, headbands, sunglasses, sunglasses, anklets, masks, face mask filters, necklaces, chokers, belt bags, scarfs, gloves, earrings, stud earrings, rings, smartphone pouches, belts, and much more. Add more glamor to your look with these trendy accessories!

  Cie                                 Nardomos                    Diama                            Olarwen

The Aldo Holiday Sale For Men

Dress shoes

In this section, you will find derby shoes, oxford shoes, and loafers.

Gerrier                           Fratisekflex                    Nometnu                      Nomentu


In the sneakers section, you will find high-top sneakers, low-top sneakers, jogger sneakers, jogger sole sneakers, slip-on sneakers, jogger-sole slip-on sneakers, joggers, and joggers sole-low top sneakers.

Cervaes                         Herreman                      Herreman                        Rpplfrost1a


In the accessories section, you will find messenger bags, backpacks, bracelets, lens, sunglasses, belts, and crossbody bags.

 Brocckmount                 Brocckmount              Glyco                            Glyco


As we mentioned before, Aldo has always kept up with the ongoing trends. For example, when the climate change movement started a few years back, Aldo also began its practice as a fashion retailer to be certified as climate neutral for all its stores and offices. As a result, it helped Aldo gain a 46% reduction in its greenhouse gases. 

Aldo has always tried to take steps towards providing its customers’ convenience. For instance, Aldo was the first store to switch their store to an application so that their customers can get to experience shopping from home. Shop from the stores that care about the people and the world. Happy shopping holiday!

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