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Why Package Forwarding Is The Best Option For Online Shoppers

The Internet has made a lot of things easier to do for all of us. For example, back in time, we never imagined seeing a person sitting in another country live through video calling, but all of this is happening now.

Similarly, through the internet, the retail business has also grown.  People now can have almost anything they want from anywhere in the world. And that is exactly why package forwarding has been gaining more popularity.

Shopping from international stores on your own can be really expensive because of the shipping rates, custom tax, and not to mention that many stores don’t even ship products internationally. But with package forwarding, people can now shop for international products hassle-free.

If you aren’t convinced why to opt for package forwarding yet, we have brought up five reasons why you should go for it. Let’s check out the benefits without further ado.


1. More Options

There must have been times when you saw a product online that you wanted to buy, but you couldn’t because the store doesn’t deliver to your country. It often happens with both big and small businesses. Fortunately, package forwarding provides an alternative for their customers to shop from stores that don’t deliver to a warehouse.

Now shoppers have many great online shopping options, but still, some stores hinder the process of package forwarding by refusing to deliver to a warehouse.

2. Consolidate products

Frequent international shoppers are familiar with the drastic changes in delivery charges different stores offer. If you buy different products from three different international stores, you will have to pay for the shipment of each product separately.

But a few package forwarding companies offer the option of package consolidation option, which allows you to combine multiple items into a single package and save massively on shipping charges.

3. Delivery On-Hold

You have just purchased a product online but want it to be delivered later and on your desired date. We got you!

A few package forwarding companies usually offer their customers a period of several days to store their packages. Some companies charge their customers for storing their packages and some don’t. Look for an option that best suits you.



4. Track packages

It is satisfying to be able to track your packages throughout the shipping process. Not all package forwarding companies offer minute-by-minute tracking services, and many customers find it frustrating not to see where their package has arrived.

Global Shopaholics offers our customers the satisfaction of tracking their packages every minute of the process during shipping. Customers get a tracking code when their package is dispatched from our warehouse so that they can track their products until it reaches home.  

5. No Payment Barriers

The most tricky part about shopping online from international stores can be paying the vendor through your debit card. Unfortunately, many stores don’t accept international debit cards, and sometimes huge fees are attached for transfer services between the bank and the sales department.

Package forwarding companies also have several solutions to this problem. They come up with solutions to most of the international shipping hazards. 

Package Forwarding with Global Shopaholics

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