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Buy directly from USA stores like Amzon, eBay, Macy's, Best Buy, with the help of your free US address.


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Your can consolidate all of your items from different stores in one box to save maximum on international shipping.


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We offer maximum shipping options so, you can ship from USA to Doorstep

Looking for an International SHOP AND SHIP Solution from USA TO UAE?

You might have had troubles regarding delivery from USA to UAE of your number one favorite product at a US store. There’s a whole list of US stores that do not operate shipping from USA to UAE. Even if they do, it costs you a whole bunch of money along with leaving custom clearances all to yourself, not to leave out the duty and custom taxes paperwork too.  Global shopaholics provides you a one stop shop solution to all your headaches of how to ship to UAE. With its enormously growing consumer market in the Arabic emirates global shopaholics is the best shipping company from USA to UAE you could look for package forwarding.



Cheap shipping to Dubai or to Sharjah or from anywhere to everywhere in the emirates!

You don’t need to search around the web for shipping rates from USA to UAE, anymore. You have come to the right place! Global Shopaholics is determined to give you a complete access to its price and time dashboard for easy comparison and decision, when it comes to cheap courier from USA to UAE.

  1. Global shopaholics provide all the people who visit their website a free access to ‘estimated shipping calculator’ to compare and conclude the best suitable deal in context to money and time. As you get a complete display of time and charges each of the shipping service has to offer to ship boxes to UAE
  2. Being a Global shopaholic, we provide an access to a real-time shipping tool which further gives you options between shipping means, transit rates and time 
    We cover miles to see your smiles
GS provides you with best package forwarding rates in the market, it’s surely the best shipping company from USA across the waters to UAE 


Speed is what we heed on!

Global Shopaholics has a legacy of being accommodative, our company allows you adjust the package delivery time along with having the open option of cheap shipping cost from US to UAE.

Usual package transit time from USA to UAE
Priority shipping: 3-5 working days, GS always urges on standard and quality over everything else we moreover pledge over, a cost-effective deliverance
Economy shipping: 5-10 working days. The wait would be worth! Skipping over urgent delivery if possible, has saved our customers a bunch—we make you save for later

Accurate estimation of time depends on the company you choose. To get the exact idea head over to Calculator to determine Cost and Transit times of Shipping from the US to UAE


We keep you in picture!
Calculating shipping cost from US to UAE is no more a hassle. We took up this job for you, years ago. Importing goods can at times cause anxiety due to the essential paperwork and calculation of taxes as well as the custom duties, but not if you are a GLOBAL SHOPAHOLIC. We have it all figured out for you and here it is
Goods and service taxes
UAE imposes VAT on all the goods and services being imported into UAE at a rate of 5% based on the total value of the product. The amount payable is determined by the classification of the goods and other factors.


What further can GS do for you?
Global shopaholics allows you a tax free storage of 180 days at its warehouse, unleash your inner shopper and keep your packages coming. We’ll consolidate them into one compact package and ship them to right at your door step, this will save you up to 80% as VAT is subjected tototal shipment cost of the package—how’s that?


Duties and custom tax
The de minimis value is a country-specific value below which no duty or tax is charged, and clearance procedures are minimal.


What is the de minimis value for the United Arab Emirates?

  • De minimis Value for Duty: 979 AED*
  • De minimis Value for Tax: 0 AED*
However, alcoholic products are subject to 50% duty and tobacco products are assessed a 100% customs duty



Since it’s shipping from United States of America to the United Arab Emirates, ain’t we UNITED in this?

Global shopaholics promise you, guaranteed cheapest shipping to Dubai as well as the rest of the states of UAE, in the industry. We are always put our valuable shopaholics above all hence we do not charge anything extra in the name of company shares or other taxes.

  • No signup and monthly fee.
  • Shop and ship to United Arab Emirates on lowest shipping rates
  • Free pictures of your items will be provided to you upon the arrival of the shipment
  • We extend our services like, repacking and pictures of items, for your ease.
  • We only charge $5 consolidation fee, with no hidden packaging material charges unlike other drop shippers.
  • You will not be charged with any sales tax as our warehouse is located in a Tax free region.
  • Have multiple Shipping options like DHL, Aramex, and USPS etc...
  • Up to 180 days free storage facility.
  • We also provide the facility of assisted purchase and its minimum cost is $5 and if the purchase exceeds $100 cost is 5% of the total amount of purchase. If you want to speed up the process then we offer express purchase in which instead of $5 we charge $10 and after exceeding $100 instead of 5% we charge 10%.
  • We provide free USA mail box forwarding address in case you need one to buy a product online.
  • Multiple Payment options are available for our customers that include
    • PayPal
    • Bit coin
    • Credit/Debit Card
    • Bank transfer


    Every country has some rules and regulations when it comes to import of various products. The Arab emirates have some strict custom policies when it comes to the safety of their empire. The prohibitions on the import might be flexible but they might also be rigid at other times. Here is a list of items of whose package delivery USA to UAE might get hindered due to restrictions or bans
    • E-cigarettes, e-liquid and all electronic vaping products.
    • Drone of any kind
    • Fireworks.
    • Radar detectors.
    • Satellite receivers.
    • Swords and knives (except kitchen and cooking knives).
    • Gambling devices.
    • Watches and pens with a camera.
    • Illegal drugs (hashish, cocaine, heroin, etc)
    • Synthetic marijuana
    • Pornographic materials (adult toys, movies, etc)
    • Religious books
    • Pork products (subject to municipality approval)
    • Aircraft parts and accessories (some balloons and light aircraft may be approved but require special clearance/paperwork)
    • Items originating in Israel
    • Items made in Iran
    • Used tires
    • Tobacco products (some are allowed to be shipped to Dubai)
    • Most statues are prohibited (some may be cleared if you write the customs director)
    Our courier collaborators also have some shipment boundaries according to nature of the items and UAE laws; you can further look into them


Global shopaholics gives you a wide range of stores to shop from, we cover almost all prominent brands of the US in our package delivery USA to UAE. So bring out your checklist, book your orders—SHIP

  • Ralph Lauren
  • Amazon 
  • GAP
  • Colourpop
  • Nordstrom
  • Eastbay
  • 6PM
  • J Crew
  • Carter's
  • Walmart
  • Herbalife
  • Backcountry
  • Victoria's Secret
  • Bath & Body Works
  • Disney Store
  • Weissman Designs
  • Toys R US
  • Babies R Us

Outlets from where you can buy anything online and ship through Global Shopaholics

There are many outlets and online stores in US which provide enormous range of products from mobile accessories to cosmetics, batteries to bags, and from anything to everything. All you have to do is to find a product that you like; select that product after these steps global shopaholics will take care of the rest, from repacking to shipping it from US.


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As we have already mentioned that Global Shopaholics offer lowest shipping rates among all the companies but customer satisfaction comes first so, we have also given you comparison between us and other companies regarding rates.