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Global Shopaholics helps you get your shopping done from the USA by providing you with a tax-free US shipping address. Not only is a shipping address in the US essential for shopping and shipping American goods, it can also help you save massively as compared to direct shipping from American stores.

Around the year, there are so many deals and sales that are exclusive to stores in the US. For you to order from the US requires a US shipping address and it can be expensive on its own.

And that's why we are here

WorldWide Shipping

Thinking about how to get a US address? Well, it’s quite simple with Global Shopaholics

We take out the long detailed intricate process and hefty costs out of this procedure for our customers and provide you with a tax-free US address absolutely free of cost.

Our customers across the globe are using our tax-free US addresses to receive their favorite products.

Our services don’t stop at retail customers only. If you have a business that requires a US address, worry not because you can get a US address for business as well.

Ideal for small and medium businesses where we take care of the shipping process so you can focus on growth.

Steps to get a US address

If you need a US address, just follow the basic and simple steps

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1. Sign Up For Free

You receive your tax-free US shipping address upon your registration for the Global Shopaholics account. Simply go to and sign up for free. You can start shopping as soon as you’ve made your account.

2. Shop From U.S. Stores

Now for the fun part. Go to any US store and add the items you want to your cart. When asked for your address at the checkout, enter the US shipping address you have received from Global Shopaholics.

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3. To The Warehouse

Once you’ve completed your purchase, the items will be delivered to your US address. You can continue to shop and store as many items as you want for up to 6 months (180 days) and save massively since it is tax-free storage.

4. At Your Doorstep

Once your items have been shipped, Global Shopaholics will forward the packages directly to you. You can choose the courier you wish to ship with; choices depend on whether you prefer quicker shipping or lower shipping rates.

Typically when you store items at a US shipping address, additional storage taxes are applied depending on your storage time, increasing the cost by many folds. While on the other hand, getting your own address in the US costs you a fortune, to begin with. With a tax-free shipping address, your total cost becomes very affordable with the lowest shipping costs.

A tax-free US shipping address, combined with the several other features offered by Global Shopaholics helps you reduce your shipping cost by almost 80%.

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Our Services

Global Shopaholics provides a number of services which includes


Shipping Calculator


Package consolidation services


Live Chat Support


180 Days Of Free Storage


Courier Service of your Choice


Assisted Purchase




Detail images of your package

With Global Shopaholics not only you get the above services, but also thelowest shipping rates than any of the competitors.

You get the choice offast shipping or affordable shipping with the courier servicesby Global Shopaholics.

Atax free US address opens many great channels for you to shop and ship products from the US. Sign up and shop now.

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A tax-free US address allows you to receive products from thousands of US stores just like a US citizen

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