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All Of The Benefits. None Of The Taxes.

Global Shopaholics is the ultimate shopping and shipping service that is a must-use for you and all your friends and family! If you wish to purchase something from the US you no more need to wait for your family to travel to your hometown.

We provide you tax-free shipping and give you a free US address where you can order your products we then consolidate all your purchases and ship them to your doorstep in no time and save you a lot of time and money!



I want to ship from a multiple stores

  • Tax Free US Address
  • Consolidation
  • 30 Days Storage
  • Express Processing - $5
  • Fast Lane - 2 Free Packages/Month (Rest $1 per Package)
  • Photo of Package upon Arrival/Package Content
  • Extra Padding - $3
  • Equipment Testing - $10
  • Detailed Item Photo - $5
  • Private Address - 10% of Items Cost
  • Insurance - $3 or 1.6% whichever is higher
  • Shipment Cancellation - $7
Forever Free


I want to ship multiple packages

  • Tax Free US Address
  • Consolidation
  • 90 Days Storage
  • Express Processing - 3 Shipments/Month (Rest $3 per Shipment)
  • Fast Lane - 5 Free Packages/Month (Rest $1 per Package)
  • Photo of Package upon Arrival/Package Content
  • Extra Padding
  • Equipment Testing - $5
  • Detailed Item Photo - $2.5
  • Private Address - 2 Times Free (Rest 7% of Item Cost)
  • Insurance - $3 or 1.6% whichever is higher
  • Shipment Cancellation - $4
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Cashback - 1%
  • Address Correction


I have a high volume of shipments

  • Tax Free US Address
  • Consolidation
  • 210 Days Storage
  • Express Processing - 8 Shipments/Month (Rest $3 per Shipment)
  • Fast Lane - Unlimited
  • Photo of Package upon Arrival/Package Content
  • Extra Padding
  • Equipment Testing
  • Detailed Item Photo
  • Private Address - 5 Times Free (Rest 7% of Item Cost)
  • Insurance - $3 or 1.6% whichever is higher
  • Shipment Cancellation - $2.5
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Cashback - 3%
  • Address Correction


Tax-Free US Address

Register on using the registration form at the start of the page. You will then receive your free-of-charge address. Shop online on various U.S. websites and ship your products to the US address you received from us (shipping address). See More


Shipment consolidation is a logistics strategy that combines two or more orders, packages, or shipments. As a result, the shipper dispatches a larger quantity of packages to the same vehicle and this saves you big time on shipment costs.

Dedicated Account Manager

All of our account managers respond promptly and are knowledgeable about all our engineered products, processes, and services. As an account manager, we are your voice and make sure your every need is met. Having a dedicated account manager also helps us to learn more about our customers so we can be proactive and can update information in our database so that each order is to their satisfaction.


An extension of credit card issuers' general rewards programs, cash-back programs date to 1986, when the Discover card was launched nationally, introducing the concept. Since then, they have become universal, and nearly every major card issuer now offers the feature on at least one of its products. It's an incentive for existing customers to use the card early and often and for acquiring new clients or poaching them from a competitor. See More...


We at Global shopaholics are all about customer indulgence and ease, which is why we offer a 6-month, free-of-cost storage facility for your parcels. This is highly useful if you want to delay for all your shopping to arrive in a combined box or if it is simply problematic for you to have your buying shipped.

Express Processing

Express Processing puts your package at the front of the line, ensuring that it is consolidated and packed before all other packages. Express Processing is a great option for those who want to ensure urgent packages are shipped as quickly as possible.

Fast Lane

Fast Lane Shipping will allow you to book your shipments ahead of time. If you need speedy delivery of your goods, without any storage time we ship them directly to your address and this is the fast lane process you get your desired product in no time!

Photos of Package upon Arrival/ Package Content

If you are using our assisted purchase option, when your package arrives at our warehouse, we at Global shopaholics take clear HD photos of your package and all the goods and send them to you for double-checking and confirmation of your order.

Address Correction

If mail cannot be delivered as addressed, the address correction service allows the sender on request, using the appropriate subsidiary service endorsement under F010, to obtain the addressee's new (forwarding) address (if the addressee filed a change-of-address order with the USPS) or the reason for no delivery.

Extra Padding

When delivering fragile items to a package forwarding company, stores tend to package them protectively enough for only travel within the States, and not too far-off countries. More often than not, this amount of protection is not enough to keep your precious purchases safe through long transits from the USA to your country. So, our customers often ask us to add extra padding to their packages carrying fragile items to ensure their safety through the long journey and to make sure that they reach their destination undamaged.

Equipment Testing

While catering to repacking requests, we are also open to other requests that come along the side. Equipment testing is one of them. The USA is famous for its authentic electronic gadgets priced reasonably, so customers often tend to buy their electronics from the States and ship them to their country. As a result, we often receive requests from our customers to test their electronic equipment for them, to make sure they are functional before dispatching them. This prevents any inconveniences caused by faulty electronics delivered to you.

Detailed Item Photo

A common drawback of online shopping is that the product that you get sometimes does not match the expectations you had while ordering it. This small drawback can turn into a bigger problem if you find this out once your order has traveled all the way from the States to your country. But you can easily avoid this unpleasant scenario by requesting photos of your product that we receive at our warehouse before it is dispatched to you so you can ask for it to be returned if it does not match your needs.

Private Address

Shipping to a residential, or private address would be the place where someone lives in. Usually, smaller packages and envelopes are delivered to a residential address.


Freight forwarders will usually offer you insurance for whatever items you’re shipping. You may be hesitant or even inclined to turn down the coverage because you think it is just to increase the profit for the company. See More...

Shipment Cancellation

Should the need arise to cancel an order after you've placed it, we will do our best to accommodate your request. Order cancellation is a time-sensitive action, so please do get in touch with our Customer Care team as soon as possible.See More...

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