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The right piece of jewelry can transform your simple dress into a designer outfit instantly. Thanks to all fashion influencers, we have a zillion ways to up our outfit games with some trending jewelry pieces. With the jewelry industry booming like never before, online jewelry stores are becoming a saturated market. It has become so hard to rely on a random Instagram Jewelry Store these days. You’re lucky if you get what’s shown on their websites.

Don’t let the low prices fool you into buying cheap jewelry whose colors wear off in a week, at the touch of the slightest moisture. Try to buy jewelry from a recognized brand so your jewelry is a one-time investment. These old brands have a reputation earned over time and most brands sell their products in environment-friendly packaging. The process of shipping packages from the US has also evolved; you can get any jewelry you want from the USA with Global Shopaholics. It is the best shipping company in the USA.

Today we have brought to you some of the best online jewelry stores that have a vast collection of trending & quality jewelry in 2020. These are the best jewelry sites based in the US; you can shop from their online stores no matter which country you live in. You can also get amazing jewelry pieces from Amazon. Global Shopaholics provides Amazon shipping from the USA to as inclusive as possible.

1- Tiffany and Co. – Luxury Leader

Tiffany and Co. need no introduction; they have been the luxury store women from all around the woman love. Their jewelry pieces are to die for, rare, and worth their price. The pieces are high quality and gorgeous. Tiffany and Co. make jewelry that seduces women into owning at least one jewelry piece from them. It is one of the best places to get your engagement ring from. They have charm bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and earrings.

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2- Blue Nile- Engagement Ring Winner

Blue Nile is the best jewelry store for engagement rings. It diamonds and rings are as pretty as the brand name itself. Blue Nile is famous for its design-your-own-ring facility. You can start by choosing the metal, the stone/diamond, the cut, size, color, and carat and they also offer the best advice. They have a team of professionals who will transform the idea of your dream engagement ring into reality. Blue Nile targets once-in-a-lifetime events and rightfully provides undoubtedly pure diamond rings.

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3- Zales- Winner of ethically sourced diamonds

Zales has been dealing in diamonds since 1924 and they have always kept up with the latest trends as well as traditional designs in diamond jewelry. Their return policy is extremely flexible with up to 60 days return policy if you don’t like the ring or the size didn’t fit. They also have gorgeous options in gold and wristwatches which make Zales more desirable as a gift store for your loved ones. Shipping package from USA soon? Register and start taking benefits of tax-free shipping.

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4- Ross and Simons- Vintage Collection Leader

With pop culture changing the trends, Ross and Simons have taken up the responsibility to preserve history through their vintage-designed jewelry pieces. You can find some of the most iconic pieces from Lady Diana’s pearl necklace to tiaras to luxury pieces. They customize rings and other jewelry based on our birthstone as well which makes it a good option for buying your beloved one a birthday present from Ross and Simons. If you want to know beforehand the cost of shipping packages from the US, you can use our shipping calculator to calculate the shipping fee of your parcel.

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5- Madewell- Affordable and Trend Setter

Rose Gold jewelry is such a hot trend right now, finding good pieces might be a struggle. But not if you land on the Madewell online store which is full of trendy must-haves and a variety of rose gold jewelry pieces. Madewell is an affordable luxury; it is also our top pick for launching the trendiest jewelry pieces. If you are a person that likes to follow trending jewelry, Madewell is the right place. They introduce the hottest trends of the season in many varieties. Madewell jewelry is made well and so light on your wallet you’ll fall in love with it. Get these with Amazon shipping from the USA with Global Shopaholics.

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6- Jared- Fine Jewelry Winner

Known for its huge diamond rings, Jared is one of the best jewelry stores you can find hundreds of options to choose from. They have thousands of options for each category. They mainly make fine jewelry with diamonds, other precious stones, platinum, and gold. Jared also offers to customize your jewelry and you can get a gorgeous piece from Jared on a budget. Their stones are guaranteed for life.

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7- Catbird- Restored Timeless Classics Winner

Catbird launched revamped timeless classics and now knows it is the trending jewelry in 2020. They have kept in mind to re-launch the pieces that are slowly vanishing from our collections, TV screens, and fashion industry. Their pieces hold a story to be told, a classic story attached to each classical piece from Jared. They pack in very fine branded boxes and pieces with our elder’s love. Maybe you can surprise your parents with a piece they used to have but lost or gift it to an old-school soul like me.

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8- Mejuri- Feminine Pieces Winner

Oh, I love those delicate pendants, sleek bracelets, and simplistic rings. Mejuri is one of the best jewelry stores for minimalistic jewelry lovers. They specialize in delicately made jewelry pieces. They aim to provide finely made jewelry in an affordable price range. A girl can buy her diamond with Mejuri. They keep their designs trendy by introducing trendy jewelry that appeals to feminine taste.

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These were some of the recommended jewelry stores that we love. These are the brands that we can trust; these are the brands that give what you can expect from a decent jewelry store in 2020. With these trusted online jewelers you have the guarantee of buying original jewelry, but what about their safe delivery?

Shipping companies based in the US can get your favorite jewelry, your dream ring, or even your engagement ring from any of these stores to your home address. Global Shopaholics is one such company. Global Shopaholics can also get different jewelry from Amazon with Amazon shipping from the USA. It is the best shipping company from the USA and you can rely on it completely. Global Shopaholics will receive your parcel at their warehouses and safely deliver them to your doorstep. If you have any queries regarding the shipping process and restrictions, you can go through our FAQs. Global Shopaholics has made shipping packages from the USA easy.

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