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What Is Standard Shipping?

In the profitable market shipping is the only means through which your belongings and possessions can get from their source to their final and ultimate destination. The type of shipping you propose can make your goods more striking to existing or probable buyers.

You’ll need to be fully up-to-date about the freight transporter or courier you’ll be using, the date of shipment, and the predictable arrival date so that your customers can stay up-to-date.

What is standard shipping? Standard shipping or let’s say economical cheap shipping is a cost-effective opportunity for the delivery of a small to large standard package that does not consist of immediate or any other special necessities to deliver products rapidly or immediately. In standard shipping, your products are delivered with ease and in good time of their own without any rush of any kind, no extra charges or shipping techniques are used in this method of shipment, and the parcel is delivered according to the normal business days.

Typically, standard shipping is done via couriers with orders possibly demanding a day to process. Standard shipments usually reach their destination within seven business days.

             Find out more about the standard shipping meaning in this Blog

What does standard shipping mean?

Standard shipping allows you to save money by receiving quotations that are tailored to your specific needs. Standard shipping is intended for small businesses or individuals who mail packages of various sizes and weights. It also enables shipment to a variety of locations, including international operations (see typical international shipping statistics below).

Standard shipping usually includes a reasonable delivery time and complete tracking, allowing both the sender and the recipient to know when the parcel has been delivered in actual time. The usual delivery time is three to five business days, however, if the destination is far away, it may take a bit longer. The most common mode of transportation is by road.

             The size and weight of your package, as well as the destination, determine standard shipping charges. You may compare charges from many shipping firms to find the best offers by utilizing an online quotation calculator. Consider courier services that pick up from your home or workplace, as well as drop-off alternatives where you can leave your items at a designated store – both will ensure that your products arrive securely in one to five working business days.

Key Points:

  • Standard shipping is also known as cheap, economy, or regular shipping.

  • With domestic US couriers, these services are delivered in 3-5 business days because they arrive by road.

Standard shipping is also known as economy, ground, or regular shipping. In other words, it’s the economical shipping service available from a courier service provider. It is also used to describe the starting point shipping option in an eCommerce stock.

For eCommerce wholesalers, standard shipping is your bread and butter. But while standard shipping is cost-effective, it’s deliberate and time taking. In the age of Amazon Prime, buyers expect the option of both accelerated delivery and inexpensive shipping. In fact, 2 in 3 online shoppers say they choose a brand based on their delivery choices.

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We have all used standard shipping, but it has never been called that. Standard shipping goes by many names, though, including:

  • Economy shipping

  • Budget shipping

  • Basic shipping

  • Regular shipping

  • Ground shipping

             Any economical shipping choice is considered standard shipping. Because they arrive by ground, domestic US couriers provide these services in 3-5 business days. These deliveries may take weeks to arrive for overseas shipping.

             Express freight is a substitute for ordinary shipping. As they are dispatched by airplanes, express shipping services from US couriers take only 1-2 days.

             Standard shipping services are provided by all carriers, including USPS, UPS, and FedEx. The following section is a list of common couriers' basic shipping services.

What is the difference between Standard Shipping and Express Shipping?

Shipping is of two types mostly time relative. Express shipping includes delivering goods on a fast track ensuring that it is delivered at the earliest. The delivery can be carried out within a day or two. The medium of delivery used for Express shipping is usually ‘By Air’. Express Delivery meets the requirement of customers who are in need of their parcels on an urgent basis. Obviously, the prices and rates are usually higher for such expedited services as goods are delivered on an urgent basis and may take 1 to 3 days whereas standard shipping is comparatively less expensive as compared to express shipping. Therefore, the standard shipping time frame ranges up to 8 days or more.

Some advantages of express delivery within the commercial industry include:

  • Clients receiving their orders much faster-improving customer satisfaction

  • Products are guaranteed to arrive safely

  • It can be done by any type of store reducing less inventory in storage

  • This fast form of shipping has full tracking options


Differences between standard shipping and flat rate shipping

The term "flat rate shipping" refers to the process of consolidating your goods. This simply implies that you may select the lowest parcel size that your item will fit inside and deliver it at a flat rate if the weight does not exceed the allowed. Other perks of flat-rate shipping tend to involve:

  • Fixed delivery time and fixed price determined by the shipper

  • One price for all consignments

  • Affordable when shipping to a specific local destination

  • Idyllic for businesses with identical shipments

  • Time-saving as there’s no need to weigh and measure the consignment.

Variation between Standard Shipping and International Standard Shipping

When it comes to international shipping, the location has a significant impact on shipping rates and travel time. Standard worldwide shipping firms collaborate with reputed international couriers to provide a comprehensive variety of services, including international pick-up and drop-off alternatives.

Using a single shipping firm to ship internationally will offer you everything you need to cope with the unique requirements of your market. You will be assisted in locating viable supply chains, gaining access to multimodal freight transportation, and processing the necessary documents.

The following documents may be required for basic international shipping:

  • Proforma or commercial invoices outlining all relevant costs

  • A packing list that allows for the identification of packaged objects.

  • Certificates of origin indicating the country of origin of the products

  • Letter of instruction from the shipper covering all of the information required to successfully transport your products

  • Bills of lading for inland, maritime, or air transport

  • Form for Dangerous Goods, if relevant

  • A bank draft that comprises information about transactions involving the transfer of funds.

A shipment note is a document that you must fill out to provide information on the contents of a shipment when using standard shipping. The subject will be made known to carriers, collecting agencies, and couriers.

To use this note, you may complete the same standard document for each consignment, regardless of which depot it is heading to.

Depending on your clients' demands, you will now be able to safely provide numerous shipping alternatives and make the best shipping method choices.

The Pros and Cons of Standard Shipping

         Standard shipping is the most cost-effective delivery option for an eCommerce retailer. It gives you the largest profit margins. Saving money on delivery is vital, but so is providing more alternatives than simply basic shipping.

Modern consumers have gotten used to Amazon Prime's free and quick delivery. In fact, 56 percent of online buyers aged 18 to 34 now expect merchants to provide same-day delivery.

You risk losing consumers if standard shipping is your sole delivery choice. Top-converting firms employ cart optimization tools such as Rates at Checkout to provide a variety of enticing shipping alternatives that please customers and increase sales.

How Long Does Standard Shipping Take?

Delivery lead times for standard shipping vary slightly by courier and individual shipment. However, the standard shipping time is five days or less for USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

Here’s how standard shipping times compare across the top common couriers in the US:

The USPS provides two main delivery services: USPS First Class Mail and USPS Priority Mail. First Class Mail accepts packages weighing less than one pound, and Priority Mail accepts products weighing up to 70 pounds.

Here's how USPS First Class Mail, the lighter form of USPS normal delivery, works:

  • Cheapest USPS service for small items

  • Delivery in 2-5 business days

  • Insurance of $50 included

  • Tracking included

Here’s what you can expect from USPS Priority Mail for heavier shipments:

  • Cheap USPS service for items under 70 pounds

  • Delivery in 2-5 business days

  • Insurance of $50 included

  • Tracking included

UPS Standard Shipping

UPS Ground Shipping is the company's regular shipping service. All shipments weighing less than 150 pounds are eligible for this service. Here's how UPS basic shipping works:

  • Cheapest UPS shipping service

  • Day-definite delivery in 1-5 days, location depending

  • Insurance available for purchase

  • Tracking included

FedEx Standard Shipping

FedEx offers standard shipping as FedEx Ground. This service is available for all packages up to 150 pounds. Here are the details on FedEx standard shipping:

  • Cheapest FedEx shipping service

  • Delivery in 1-5 business days (3-7 days to Alaska or Hawaii)

  • $100 insurance included

  • Tracking included

The Costs of Standard Shipping

         Standard delivery is the most affordable choice from any carrier. The total cost of your cargo is decided by the delivery distance, package weight, and size, as well as any value-added shipping extras such as delivery confirmation.

         Fortunately, ordinary shipping does not necessitate the purchase of boxes. Standard shipping services allow you to use any box that suits your merchandise. All courier websites provide free basic delivery boxes of any size. Alternatively, use whatever small, medium, or large boxes you have lying around.